Should You Take Your Thyroid Medication at Night?

i started doing this 5 nights ago…i cannot believe the difference.

my being FREEZING all the time has stopped. im still ‘cold’ but not uncomfortably freezing…lol

and the energy level has improved.

granted, my t3 supplement was raised as well and i’m sure that is making a difference…but this feels like a whole new world.

thats good i was told to take it in the mornings but i guess i will try it

I take mine at night because I kept forgetting in the morning… or getting irritated at having to wait so long before I can have my coffee (w/ cream). At night works out a lot better… I think I get better absorption this way.

I have had hypothyroidism for ten years and dragged the whole time. I was dignosed as Type 1 after a severe episode of DKA 7 months ago. A nurse suggested I take my thyroid meds at night as I was a night person anyway, and it completely changed my life. It worked with my natural body cycle and made all the difference in the world for me. I am peppy at night anyway, and now I wake up in the morning and am not a zombie.

Someone sent me an article in Endocrine Today about that. Are you taking your T3 at night also? I take desiccated thyroid and that article said although that wasn’t studied, some people reported feeling better. I take some in the morning & some in the afternoon. I guess I will have to try some at bedtime and see how that helps.

i take the t4 before bed, and t3 morning, noon, late afternoon. its helping. alot…ive thought i must have a brain tumor, or cancer or something…i’ve had no energy for most of a few years and no one could really figure it out. my tsh is undetectable but my hormone levels are low or low normal…it is getting better <3

I am glad that it is getting better for you! My FT4 & FT3 are finally close to optimal levels but I sitll feel zonked. I am not sure if it is my thyroid or not but I am willing to try taking some at night to see if that helps.

Taking it at night also insures it’s not getting in conflict with things you eat, and having a malabsorption problem. :slight_smile: I always take mine first thing when I wake up, and then wait like 30 min to an hour to eat… I just always forget, otherwise. lol

I recently started taking thyroid-s, obtainable w/o Rx via the web. I was on Armour in the past, but my famdoc refuses to treat subclinical (labs wise) hypo-T but I have not been Sx free.

I have been splitting the 60mg tabs in half, and taking it morning and near bedtime. (same dose a doc had me on with Armour)

I am no longer waking during the nite FREEZING, a big plus for me. I am thinking of going to 1 whole tab in the evening. Any comments or experiences from others?


I am going to try this! I never knew about the coffee thing either!! No wonder I still feel tired all the time.

Well… I spoke with my endo last week about morning vs night dosing. His opinion was to be CONSISTANT was more important. I have been taking my thyroid-s at night since I restarted taking thyroid. So far it’s going well.

Aside from any possable dose timming benifit, night time seems more practicle to me. I take my FBS, morning insulin and EAT, and usually ahve little fi any time to wait before eating and getting out the door.

My fam doc does not want to get involved, tried again, with thyroid, I asked my endo (more up his alley anyway) and he said he would ONLY if my fam dco wanted him to…So I will continue on the current path, with full knowledge of both my fam doc and endo.