Splitting thyroid-S?

I have been back on thyroid (dessicated/thyroid-s) for 1.5 years.
Until a couple days ago, I was doing great. All of a sudden I am WARM, instead of freezing (before going back on thyroid). I also noted my pulse rate is up in the 60s. I know a 60s hear rate is NORMAL for most people.

I have heart valve issues, (mitral, tricuspid and aortic) from rheumatic fever when I was young. I am on Coreg to keep my heart rate lower to preserve my heart valves and it helps with my Afibs.

I was first put on Armour back in 1971, and had no problems. I have taken thyroid off and on, but when I started having problem Sx a couple years ago I asked my docs to check into it. None would bother, not even my endo.

So based on what I learned here I decide to go back on thyroid again. Due to changes/problems with the new Armour I decided to get Thyroid-s, the closest I could get (w/o jumping too many hoops) to the old Armour. Like I said all was well till a couple days ago. Now instead of freezing at night, suddenly I am baking.

BTW my endo knows I am on 60mg of dessicated thyroid and approved. When we had our discussion about my taking thyroid, he favors synthetic and I prefer what I knew works and had no issues with in the past. After I questioned their NOT testing my thyroid (it was in my diabetes center printed treatment plan) My endo discovered they never even bother testing. I had testing done on my own and my T4 was right at the low boarder, too low for me.

I am debating the best way to try and lower my thyroid dose, w/o creating yet another problem. Remember I am basically on my own with NO real help from my endo (but his nurse has helped, but limited)

-1- take my current dose every other day instead of daily. My endo did offer that it was best to take it the same time of day, morning or evening. This sounds like not the best option and could be a problem.

-2- Order lower dose pills of thyroid-s, I seem to recall they make a 30mg pill, but that could take nearly a month for me to get.

-3 Split the 60mg pills and take it every day. Question is the pills seem to have a coating, so is splitting the pill a problem?

Anyone here have experience with splitting thyroid-s pills or any other suggestions?


Splitting pills with coatings often gives problems.

If you're taking dessicated thyroid, T3 may be the problem rather than T4. You could ask for an FT3 test (and possibly also an FT4 test) to get more information.

There are now a few more medicines for handling low T3, so you may want to ask about trying one of them:

The T3 Story

Hypothyroidism Medication Comparison

I had to split my 60 mg tablet of natural thyroid for a while and it wasn't pretty. Eventually, I got a 30 mg dose. That's the best way to do it even though I know you'll have to wait a while to get it. I take the first dose when I get up (6:00 AM) and then the second dose at 2PM. I was told if I took the second dose too much later in the day, it could interfere with sleeping that night. I don't think you should take 60 mg every other day. I think the article Robert posted explains about the half life issue. Good luck and take care!

Char.... What do you mean by, it wasn't pretty?

Was there a problem with the thyroid med or jsut how it looked?


Gomer /Sir Falls-A-Lot

BTW thanx Bob for the link I did read the link.

It was Armour and I didn't do well cutting it in half. I was fine- no problems with the meds, but it was more in pieces than in two halves. I used scissors...maybe I should have used a knife?

Go figure.........

After 2 days of freezing, then HOT the past couple days, NOW I am freezing aGAIN& have not yet changed anything. After 2 nites too hot to sleep well, no my house is not hot, I wanted to a nights sleep, hence the idea if a change.

Maybe I should mention my year has been less than boring Whe. Had a kidney scare and ordered to ER by my fam doc due to that mornings labs. Then a week alter I fell and broke 5 ribs. Two days after than another meat-wagon ride to ER. could not get our of my chair even due to the pain. Surprise, My kidneys had gone into acute failure, so this time I had to spend a few days in the horsepital for that.

I am still recovering, I can not sleep in a reg bed (yet) so its the la-z-boy still. why things are wacky right now is beyond me, maybe its not thyroid related after all, just seemed like it.

I still think I need to lower my thyroid dose, but to heart rate issues. Too bad its so hard to get doctors to help more with some issues.

BTW I swear I hit the AI (auto-immune) lottery... MS, Diabetes, psorasis, & thyroid (AI?)

Thanx everyone.........

Gomer / Sir Falls-A-Lot

Never tried scissors.....yeeks!

I have used SHARP knives before but pill-splitters made for that are CHEAP!

In a pinch a razor blade works great

Gomer Sir Falls-A-Lot