Shout out to T1s in the Midwest:)

So where do YOU live? I am here in St. Louis and wondering how many of us are here on Tu? Share something about yourself. I am 46 this year (31 as a diabetic) and back in school after an almost devistating lay off…learned all about being resourceful and better for it but, stress played havok w/ my control.

Live in California now, but born and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana. I miss the midwest but don’t think I could take the humidity anymore. I will turn 60 next month, UGH! Diagnosed as T2 10 years ago but 2 years later diagnosis changed to T1.5. Was forced to medically retire 9 years ago so know what it is like to learn about living on less when everything costs more. Good luck in school!!

Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Minnesota. 19 years old and just hit 6 years of T1 diabetes. I’m still finishing up school starting nursing school in the spring! On the Omnipod and love it!

I was born and raised in Missouri (about 100 miles south of Kansas City). I moved out when I hit 18 and went to college (hello, Noo Yawk), and I live in Alaska now. I kind of miss the old place, with an autumn where leaves change colors gradually (instead of dying in one week). These days, when it hit 70 for a week here, I was pretty sure I was going to die of heat stroke, so I’m not sure I could move back. But my family still lives there, and I was diagnosed there…some 17 or 18 years ago at the age of 8 (I got to be sped down the highway in an ambulance at about 100 miles an hour to KC).

Hello fellow St. Louis gal!! I am a 40 year old female born and raised here. I’m a little south in Imperial but I work in St.Louis Hills and Rock Hill. I have had Type 1 for a little over 2 years so I am still MDI but I’m going to a new endo on Wed July 22 Dr. John Daniel near Barnes. Who is your endo? How long have you been pumping? Can’t wait to watch this thread because I have also wondered about who else from st louis is on here. Robin :slight_smile:

There’s actually a group, called US-Midwest. I think they’ve had meetups in St. Louis before. (Just go to the bar at the top and hit USA under groups.)

Hey Robin:) Hi there! I think you will really like Dr. Daniels…I see Dr. McGill in the Diabetes Center and have also been in multiple studies. I used to work for BJ and love all the docs down there. Have been pumping since 1992 on MiniMed pumps…started w/ the 507 and now using the 522 starting this week. Getting the transmitter for CGMS but, do not have insurance coverage for supplies. If you need to see a good diabetes educator Gayle K. at the CAM is really good…she is usually who the doctors refer patients to…or it might be one of the other CDE’s that worked in Diabetes Counseling before it was disbanded. Now all the RDs and RNs work directly in physician offices.
I cannot believe how close we live…maybe a 1/2hr to 45 mins:) My brother used to live in Imperial…now we all live west of the city near our family farm. We are in Labadie…near the Arboretum…now called the Botanical Garden Nature Reserve in Gray Summit. I grew up here and moved to the east coast only to come back in my 30’s. I missed my family:) Glad to know you are on here and look forward to getting to know you. Maybe we can meet up sometime while we are down seeing our docs or something more fun!

Take care and be well:)

Thanks…will do!

Thanks so much for your good wishes…I am really enjoying my studies this time around and look forward to teaching and writing. I know what you mean about the humidity. I lived in Boston for 4 years and loved it…came back to Missouri and almost died! Good to know you:)

Good luck w/ nursing school would be cool if you went on to be a Nurse Specialist/Practitioner…someone tried to convince me I should because of my background in biology/diabetes…but, I love sociology and theory. I so admire what great nurses do:)

Good to know you Anna:) I bet you love Alaska. Seems like everyone leaves Missouri at least for a while. I left after college and then returned after living on the coast. Take care and be well…look forward to getting to know you:)

Well…nice to see who all joined the discussion today. Will check back tomorrow to see if we have any others. Would love to keep in touch. Anyone have any thoughts about care locally here in Missouri vs. where you live now? I have lived in Boston, Nashville, Hawaii…great in all three plus St. Louis. Best doctor relationship has been here in St. Louis, but I think that is because I matured a lot and expect a lot more from my doctor. I switched docs 3 times here in St. Louis before settling in w/ this last doctor who is also a diabetes/metabolism researcher.