Endos in NW Arkansas?

So I just found out that my husband and I will be relocating from Seattle to NW Arkansas for his job. Yeah, I know…it’s sad that we are leaving the Pacific Northwest - it doesn’t get much better than Seattle. I’m currently at the University of Washington Diabetes Care Center and love my doc and the team approach with psychiatrist, pump specialist, and nutrionist. I have a great relationship with my Medtronic rep here as well. Does anyone know of any good endos in NW Arkansas or anything about the diabetes communities there? I’d like to get involved in volunteer for ADA or JDRF as well.

Wow, what a change! I thought when I moved to the UK it was a big deal, but that’s got nothing on seattle to arkansas! Anyway, I can’t answer your question exactly, but I thought you might try asking your doctor or people in your care team as they might already have a sort of network in place that can start you off? Physicians typically are in contact with other physicians in other parts of the country because of conferences and things (or at least the physicians in my family are). Also, people at Medtronic might be able to help. Just a suggestion – good luck!

Well, I don’t know anything about endos in NW AR, but I grew up in Arkansas and can tell you that you are moving to the most beautiful part of the state. Lovely hills (we called them mountains, but they aren’t nearly as large as mountains out west) and trees everywhere. However, it is the polar opposite of Seattle in terms of social and political vibes. Luckily the University is in the area to keep things young. They are planning on putting a branch of UAMS (the UofA med school) in Fayetteville, so maybe in the future there will be some good diabetes centers/research in the area.