Ugh. I hate being sick with diabetes! For the past four days or so I've had a nasty cold. Took two days off work because of it and am hoping I'm better on Monday. I am taking ridiculous amounts of insulin and still running high. The past four days I have had a total of 11 readings below 8.3 (150) which is pretty bad when you consider I test 8-10x per day. My 7-day average is 12.1 (218).

I've been sticking to 15g of carbohydrates for most meals and am still spiking to around 14 (250) regularly. I put all my pump settings up, am using a 1:6 ratio and an ISF of 1 mmol/L and my basal rate totals almost 30u and I am still doing corrections every few hours. The past four days I've taken 70-80+ units per day which is crazy for how I've been eating.

My co-worker who I share an office with (an actual room) had bronchitis last week and I'm pretty sure I have whatever she has. Except I don't have bronchitis, which is good! I haven't had a cold bad enough to make me miss work for multiple days in years. I think 2006 was the last time I had a major cold.

does it help you , to put your pump on temp basal for 24 hours at ??? , then repeat ?? ...regardless you will have to check BG numerous times ...staying hydrated ?? Can co-worker and you wear a mask at work ?? Wash thy hands awful for you Jen .

I think I'm getting over it now, am MUCH better than I was on Friday! I stayed home when I was sick, my co-worker didn't (I think that's what got me sick). I just upped my basal rates on my pump as I was using a +50% rate non-stop so figured I'd just up the whole thing. I also find I need to change I:C ratios and ISF which requires I go in and change settings anyway. I wish there was a temp setting to raise/lower everything for a temporary period.

Glad to read about your improvement !! Do I understand your comment correctly .. I was not aware that Animas does not have temporary settings ?? Medtronic has increments of 30 minutes up to 24 hours ...pump is set for " percentages "

Animas has temporary settings for basal, but not for bolus. I find when I'm sick I need more of both, not just increased basal. Would be nice if you could set to increase everything for 50% for 8 hours (or decrease everything after exercise), etc.

I get you now ...I never thought of needing temp settings for bolus delivery , either for food or correcting ! ...I manually override , but it requires some planning for instance I bolus for breakfast and I will do a walk following breakfast , I give less insulin .