Fasting result of 268, take insulin, eat breakfast, 2 hours later result of 283. Yet another example of why I get discouraged and depressed. Breakfast wasn't over the top. Carbs: 62g, Fats: 5g, Calories: 300, Protein: 7g. All within the recommendations of my dietitian. Next week I'll try something else as maybe I react badly to oatmeal but it's simple and tasty enough I don't mind it for breakfast.

I think, perhaps, you are eating too many carbs for your breakfast. Why not try eggs, bacon, and an English muffin, with a slice of cheese. That will give you protein and only 25 carbs for the muffin. I think you will find the protein will hold you over longer than all those carbs. No offense to your dietitian, but they sometimes go a little heavy on the carbs and calories. Of course, you will have to adjust your insulin to accomodate 25 carbs instead of 62.

catlover, thanks for the comment.

I strongly feel that you are right. These updates are for my record as I document that the recommendations I've been given aren't working and to track what changes do work. This week I just tested while continuing as I had before. Next week I'm going to try low-carb breakfasts with more protien and see how things change.

Right now I only take Levimir once per day so I won't need to adjust my dose.

And you can offend them all you like. :)


Brendan- I am glad you are receptive to my suggestions. Just cut your carbs at each meal since you inject only once a day. I am sure your BG numbers will drop considerably. I think a sandwich ( protein) on low carb bread and an apple would make a good lunch. Maybe even include a small salad. Dinner can be meat or chicken or fish about 3-4 oz. with a small baked potato and a green veggie. Also, a salad and 8oz of a non-cream soup. A low carb dessert, like- a piece of fruit or a couple of low-carb cookies. You could have a snack between lunch and dinner like some roasted no-salt nuts ( almonds or walnuts) maybe a handful. I am sure you will be happy with your #'s if you eat like this . I do. No pump and my A1c is 6.3%. (I am a T-1)

I could not deal with the amount of carbs the CDE/dietician recommended. For a lot of us morning is not a good time to take in the carbs. In fact, 62G is as much as I consume in a whole day sometimes. I try to stay around 100 per day. Since doing this I have had far better Bg and can use very little insulin. Also, following the CDE diet I gained about 10lb per week! I've been 280lb before. I like 180 much better. I was down to 145 at dx, so I needed to gain the 30lb back. But, I was surprised how quickly it happened once I started insulin. Changed to the lower carb routine and I am holding at about 180 for the last year.

How long have you been using insulin? Did you do a correction in the morning or just take your basal? A fasting number of 268 mg/dl, I would really take a correction shot. I also have really cut back on the carbs, my goto breakfast is now cheese omelette with sausage.

Sorry to say that I've had nothing but bad advice from dietitians following the prescribed high carb ADA plan. Oatmeal will also have an adverse effect. As T2 on insulin, you need quite large insulin doses to cover such high carb meals.

I eat very few carbs for breakfast. Eggs & cheese is my usual meal, or sometimes leftovers from dinner. Benefit of eating a protein breakfast, aside from less insulin & better Bg, is that it keeps you from being hungry later. More carbs you eat, the more carbs you crave & the hungrier you get.

Is depressing & discouraging seeing numbers like that. High fasting ruins the whole day for me. Quite difficult to avoid highs eating a lot of carbs, so I cut carbs way back. Never felt better.

Step 1 is get the fasting numbers fixed.

At first when you wrote you took insulin, I thought you meant mealtime (fast)insulin, in which case the insulin pretty closely matched the carbs (your post prandial number was , for all practical purposes, the same as your pre-meal number). And if you had started at 100, you would have ended near 100.

But now that you say the insulin is levemir, that would not help with your meal. It will be released slowly over the day. The fact that 62 g of carb didnt really shift your BG means that your body provided covered the meal insulin.

So the real issue seems to be getting the fasting numbers more like normal. Sitting in the 200's all night every night will send your A1C sky high...

It seems like the

Looking at the scenario, I think that some people notice that Levemir isn't quite "smoothly deployed" and get drifting up in the AM w/ an AM shot, as by the following A it's worn off? I've read that a lot of people will split their Lantus/ Levemir into 2 shots to provide better coverage. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert as I never tried either as I was stubborn and stuck to NPH until I got a pump. I also agree that 63 carbs is quite a few to pound on top of an elevated AM BG.

Thank you everyone for your comments. There's some good information you've all provided that I will use.

Posts like this one were a week of just testing and posting where I was so that I can look back later and see how I've progressed. I'm convinced on the benefits of a low carb diet and am starting one today. :)

Gee, I could never do 62 g of carbs in one sitting. and I don't need insulin. I was told I could have up to 60 but I found by "eating to my meter" that it's really up to 45. Year and half later, these days, it's best for me to keep it under 30 g. I have days that I need to keep them at about 20 g per meal/snacks. You really need to eat to your meter, not just take general doc advice.

62 grams of carbs....THAT just jumped off the page!! I don't eat any more than 30 in one sitting!! Try a reduction in carbs for a while, and keep a record of your bg after meals.

Thanks! It's been a while since I posted that. I have gone a lot lower carb in my diet. For example this morning it was 11g of carbs for breakfast. 134 fasting this morning.

AWESOME....happy to hear it's working out :)