Not sure what to think

In the morning with breakfast I have 22 units of 75/25 Humalog insulin and take one 5/500 Glucovance.

For breakfast today I had one egg with spinach and tzatziki, coffee with cream, piece of cheddar cheese and a nectarine. Total about 20 g carbs.

Fasting was 95. then I ate breakfast.
1 hr PP I was 168.
2 hr PP I was 110
3 hr PP I was 50.

So, I’m thinking that I need the insulin/meds b/c the carbs make me skyrocket. But then I go low. But if I decreased the insulin/meds to prevent lows would I spike even higher? I don’t want to eat any more carbs and I don’t really want to eat any less either. Normally I don’t have fruit in the morning; I’d have toast or something but it’s a similar pattern.

I guess I’m having trouble balancing everything out.

any thoughts?

those levels sound good to me!!

I wouldn’t think of 168 1 hr after a meal as skyrocketing! If it seems too high to you - maybe try increasing your protein. An egg has about 7 grams and 1 oz of cheese has about 8, I think, and 1 oz of cheese is bigger than you think - 1 inch cube. So you still only have about 15 grams of protein or less depending on the size of the cheese. The tzatziki may have carbs since it is made from yogurt, right? Maybe try to switching to a small apple instead of the tangerine. I think apples are slower carbs than citrus.

I would say try more protein (say 20 grams) and an apple instead of citrus and see what happens…

Well, your 1hr is too high and your 3hr is too low, so I see your concerns.

You’re eating a reasonable amount of carbs at breakfast. How soon before the meal do you take your insulin? Increasing that lead time by about 20minutes before you eat can have a wonderful effect on your 1hr PP. Right now your insulin seems to kick in late and then stay on board too long. I don’t know anything about the mixed insulin you’re taking and have never heard of your other meds, so this is certainly something you’ll want to discuss with your doctor, but increasing that time in between the injection and meal can help.

Sarah’s suggestion about adding more fat/protein is a good one. Fat/Protein helps your carbs absorb more slowly and might level you out so that you’ve still got some food on board as that last hour of insulin duration is kicking in.

thanks for the feedback. I am going to try these out. I tend to inject the insulin about 5 or so minutes before eating but I’ll try to do it earlier. Glucovance is just glyburide and metformin together in one handy pill.