I guess I relied on my doctor and wasn't proactive enough. I thought when I had my fasting tests done, they would call me if something was wrong, they never called so I thought everything was OK.
Well, this is my punishment for trying to get healthy I guess. I am eating better, exercising and lost 43 lbs so far. I was told I have gallstones because I lost weight. What a vicious cycle. I was trying to get better not worse. But I made it worse somehow.

l8dybug65, I am sorry you are having this problem. Man those dudes hurt. I had them a few years ago and yes it is painful. The good news is it takes almost nothing to get it corrected. I had an arthroscopic surgery and it is was an out patient procedure. It is scary but in the end it is a pretty easy correction for something that hurts like crazy, is pretty easy to get fixed.

Good luck with the coming procedure. I suggest doing it as soon as possible. it really is easier to get done than it is easy to wait. Good luck and I wish you the very best. I know it is difficult as you contemplate it. Mine was a crazy ride to surgery but once done it went it pretty easy. Let me knwo if I can help out in any way.

I still harbor some anger my diagnosis. When my doctor informed my that my high fasting blood sugar indicated I had diabetes, he also told me that it had been high for some years and he just wanted to make really, really sure I had diabetes. As I said, I still harbor some anger.