Infusion Sets and Sites

I’ve been pumping for a few years now and I’ve always used the Silhouette infusion sets. I’ve also only ever been able to wear a site in my torso and I’m looking to branch out…

I’ve tried my thighs in the past and although I absolutely love that spot, my body does not. Every time I attempt a thigh sight my BG hits the roof!!

So my gut tells me that the problem really lies with the infusion set…that its probably that the Silhouette goes in on such a shallow angle that the insulin isn’t able to go where ever it is that it needs to go to keep my BG’s from soaring….

Now, seeing as how I know exactly ZERO Type 1’s and/or insulin pumpers that I was hoping that you guys could give me your opinions.

Do you think my gut is right and it’s just the type of infusion set that I’m using or are there just some people that can’t use their thighs and I should give it up?

Thanks! : )


It seems that, like everything else with diabetes, what works for one person doesn’t work for another. It’s always a case of YMMV (your mileage may vary.) So, yeah, there probably are people who just can’t use their thighs.

I’m thin, so I don’t have a lot of optional locations to try. I use the Quickset, which goes straight in about 1/4" and when I try some alternate sites I can feel the canulus entering muscle. Sometimes it results in a bent canulus and insulin delivery problems, not to mention a lot of discomfort.

Anyway, other than my torso, the only other spot I’ve found that works for me is the flanks. Its the upper part of your butt, just below the waist. If your navel is 12 o’clock, your flank is a 4 o’clock (right) and 8 o’clock (left). I actually find it more comfortable than the torso and barely notice it’s there. But it’s got to be BELOW the belt line, or you’ll really feel it.


I’ve been on pump therapy for 8 years now and have always used my abdominal area for infusion sites. I would really like to try my ‘flank’ as you call it. But I feel a bit anxious about injecting into an area that I can’t see. How did you get past this? Also, is it easy for you to see if there’s a problem with the set? i.e. broken/torn cannula. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

I like to change things up, so I use my arms (seasonlly), bum, legs, and stomach. I am not that flexable so I use an inserter for those hard to reach places.

Hi Deirdre. I have an inserter so I plan to use that to reach around to my back (I’ll have to cause I’m not that flexible either). I’m going to try it the next time I change my set and cartridge. I admire you for using all those different areas. I’ve gained a lot of weight around my middle and fear it’s mostly because of using my abdomen exclusively. Hopefully, it’s not too late. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the info and the support.