Silhouette set - in overweight folks?

The Medtronic site says the silhouette infusion set is for lean people. Does anyone who is "not lean" use it? I used it a couple times as a trial and thought I would try again. They have 13 mm and 17 mm cannulas. The 17 sounds long! It is about .7 inch in U.S. measure.

If you have some weight on you and use the silhouette, which cannula size do you use?

On a side note, I see that the medtronic site does not even display the SofSet and I still use that. To me, it is the most trouble free of the infusion sets. I want to order half and half though of these two.
Thanks for any comments.

I don't and never did, but for what it's worth my CDE used 13mm Silhouettes and she's heavier. She had for years, and loved them.

I'm not one of those "lean" people and I used the 17mm ones for a couple of years.

I was about 235 when I got my pump, started on Quiksets but switched to Silhouettes after some pull-outs and they worked fine.

I use the 13mm version, I don’t see any reason that a heavier person would not be able to use it, but the 17mm set would need to be used, since it will penetrate a bit deeper. Yes these are long, but the cannula is inserted at a 30 degree angle, so they are actually only 5-10mm deep.

I use the Sils and the 17mm and they are plenty long enough. I am overweight so I tend to use the longest cannula I can get.

I'm overweight and use the 17mm Comforts (same as Silhouettes, but for non-Minimed pumps). I do find the cannula sometimes kinks a bit at the very tip, but otherwise I've had no problems.

Thanks to all. Sounds like I need to experiment with the 13 vs 17 mm cannulas. I do love the way folks respond to questions on tudiabetes.