Which set is best?

I've been getting loads of bent cannula problems. (I'm still new to the pump so it could be me doing it wrong!). I'm not fat so perhaps I need a baby size or something. Any suggestions?
I use Paradigm Vio and Mio sets at the moment.

Silhouette 13mm will solve your problems....make sure your standing up when you insert the infusion set..

John - I've used a similar set, the Inset 30, 13mm. How does standing up when inserting help? I've had absorption problems with these sets. I'm thinking that old sites are the problem but I did have the occasional bent cannula. Have you used the Sure-T?

I agree with John that the Silhouettes are great. I only used the other kind (I don't recall what they are called...) for a bit, as I had a pull-out in a Tae Kwon Do class, tried the Silhouettes and haven't had any problems with them. They stick well and I find it easy to insert them manually, as I can kind of feel them in there. They are also easy to tack down with Opsite Flexfix tape for special conditions. I insert them in the kitchen so I'm always standing up.

All of the diffrent layers of skin and tissue are lined up when you are standing, I have heard many CDE/CPE's say insert infusion set's standing.....maybe it's just a urban mith.

I have always used quick-sets, maybe two bent cannulas in 10 years of pumping.

When I pumped with Medtronic, I had a couple of times where I had trouble with sets. They use to send you a package of different ones to try - you just needed to call customer service. No inserters, but at least you could try the other sets to see if you like one better. Also, I found that insertion in my buttock I am able to use the 6mm 90 degree cannula, but in my thigh (less fat) I had to go to the angled inorder not to have a problem. I also always stand up to insert (was never told to, just seems to work better)and I found out that using a skin prep (like skin tac) before insertion would bend the cannula more often than not even though you are suppose to be able to use it that way.

I was having lots of bent canula issues with my Mios. Bent canulas significantly decreased with Quicksets. I also tried a couple of sure-ts and while I didn't love them, I definitely didn't have any bent canulas (they use a steel needle instead of a canula). I would suggest calling Medtronic and getting samples of several different sets to try. Find the one that works best for you.

I would suggest you call minimed and explain that you are having problems with infusion sets. When I did they sent me 2 of each type of infusion set for me to try free of charge.

Are you pinching your skin up when you insert your infusion set? I had a bunch of bent cannula's as well when I first started pumping I use the quicksets. But as soon as I started pinching up my skin prior to inserting I haven't had anymore problems with bent cannulas.

Yes pinching. I seem to be fine in a very small area of tummy but no good elsewhere! This won't be good in the long term as I'd like to spread the load, as it were,

You can use the backs of your arms...4 spots on each arm = 24 days of rest for the tummy.

Do you use a longer length tube as I don’t think mine would fit?

Yes I use the long tubing...

I've requested some samples from Medtronic. I hope one of them solves the problem as my sugars are so much better using the pump. Hope the samples don't go missing in the post like my test strips did!

i like insets...and something called contact detach by animas. i like cleos well LOVE them.

I can't use my thighs, I just do not get good results pumping, and using my thighs for my infusion sets, even with pinching. I just dont have much fats on my thighs at all. But I rotate around a LOT on my tummy and so far so good, a little more to work with there.

silhouetts are inserted on an angle almost parallel with the skin, the longer length is needed because it helps keep them from coming out. This is perfect for lean people. because when the cannula touches muscle it can get blocked and or bent

Also they have a little window to show you if it is still in properly.

I insert them manually. I find it much better than that spring loaded thing.

I've tred a couple of sample sillouettes with the torture instrument thing. I can see why most prefer to insert manually! They are very comfortable and seem to have worked. I think I'll ask if I can have some of these when I next do an order.