Silly to use IV3000?

Hello everyone! I just got a pump supply order and Animas sent me a box of IV3000 dressings. They said my insurance covers them now and they wanted me to try them. So now I have this box of dressings that I do not know how to use. From what I have read online it appears you prep the skin, put the dressing on, and then put the infusion set through the dressing? Am I on track here? As far as using IV prep, do I still need to use that and do I use it under the IV3000 or on top of it or both? I really don’t want to make an appointment with the CDE for something so silly as this…

And my final question, will this really help me keep an infusion set on for a full 3 days? Most of the time I get 3 days worth of time but there is a 6 inch spot on my abdomen where the infusion set always comes off after 2 days so I don’t use that spot often…I sure would like to use that real estate and if IV3000 will help, I am willing to try it…


Silly? SILLY? SILLY!? No such thing as a silly question. They sent you products that you have not been exposed to before. What are they thinking? If I were you, I’d hold off using them and call your educator first thing on Monday. Ask them for their opinion and if your educator and/or endo does not want you to use them, send them right back with a nasty note that they are not welcome to change your doctor’s orders. (Of all the blasted nerve!)

Good Luck. God Speed.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

My thought Suzanne : I am a Medtronic pumper and wear a sensor ( most of the time ) …I use the IV3000 to keep the sensor in place NOT the infusion set …the IV prep( Antiseptic Wipe) is used to cleanse the skin prior to putting the infusion set in …ie 2 (different) items for 2 (different) purposes .
I usually get 2 days of use on my infusion set …BG 's will tell the truth , to change or not to change the set, including what your skin looks and feels …the last thing you want is an infection .Hope I made it clear.
And my observation : no question is a silly question :slight_smile:


I guess I wasn’t clear on why Animas sent them to me the way they did…they had notes on my account from when I was having problems getting infusion sets to stay on when I first started pumping last summer. They fought with my insurance company to get them to cover IV preps at that time but couldn’t get the OK to send me IV3000’s. My insurance decided to cover the IV3000’s now and there was a note in the system that I still wanted them, so Animas sent them. I agree that if they had sent them randomly that would be messed up…I know I will break down and call my CDE but I was hoping to avoid the cost of a visit if at all possible as I am a grad student who is broke right now. Can’t hurt to try to save some $$$$ :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!

Here is what you do, Fold the IV3000 bandage in half and take the cap form the softset, (I assume you use a softset or something with a cap on it that seals the site when the pump is off) Anyway, take the cap and place it on the bended edge of the IV3000 and cut a half circle around the cap. The half circle will be half the size of the until you unfold the bandage and when you do it will be the outline of the cap.

then set the set in your leg or wherever you set it. Then place the IV3000 over the softset with the new hole you cut so it allows the cap attached to the pump to attach to the softset.

In short cut a hole in the center of the bandage so you can attach the pump with the bandage on. It works like a dream

Rick Phillips

Hi Suzanne I use IV prep and IV3000 cause I am allergic to anything else even the tape on the infusion sets.

I use the IV prep first let it air dry then put a piece of IV3000 down then the infusion set. If it is a sure T I put another on top of that just because a 5mm can come out without much notice so it is just a way for me to feel more secure.
Using this method you really have to yank hard to pull a site out.

Without this my sites last maybe 20 hours at most before they are itching so bad I have to take the out.

Hope this helps
Be well and be loved

I use the IV3000 over the top of my infusion sets. I put an infusion set in, then i cut a hole in the middle of the iv3000 so the center of the infusion set will go through it. I can keep them on this way for 3-4 days.

i have an Animas pump and use IV3000 and IVprep.

here is what i was taught:
clean the area with alcohol prep
then wipe it with IVprep
after dry, place the iv3000 down
then put infusion set on top of the iv3000

i’ve never had to put one OVER or cut a hole
i use Inset Infusion sets.

I use the IVprep below my infusion sets and above my infusion sets.- I’m allergic to latex and any adhesive. It helps me from getting big welts. This also helps my infusions set stay put during gymnastics and Karate.

I’ve used these for about 15 years, and have always used them like this: I use minimed soft set quick release sets, and each set comes with a smaller version of the IV3000 that has a hole in the middle. I insert the set on clean bare skin, then place the small one with the hole in it over it. then I loop the tubing a little, and place the big IV 3000 over the whole thing. this way I can never have the set be pulled out if I accidently get tangled up with a door knob or drawer pull or something. This is how my endo in CA taught me, and every doctor I’ve gone to since has looked at it and said “Fine”.

Give them a try! I know a lot of people put them on first and then insert right through.

This sounds like it would really help since it is the edges of the infusion set that come loose on me! Thanks!

Awesome, I can totally visualize this and this will be good for me to try when I start swimming more when it gets warm outside!

I am looking into CGMS and I am glad that I can use these on the sensors, I was worried about them coming off…now I have a good plan for trying this out!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback! I will definitely give this stuff a try!

I have a box of IV 3000 I have had over a year. You can use them under your infusion siteput them on your skin then insert your site through the IV 3000.
I have found that they tind to lift off the skin when I am working outside.


Ohhhh, egg on my face!! But, still, to send them with no instruction or exposure to them? I hope you did call your CDE and could just talk on the phone without charge. I know about being broke and about grad students being broke as I worked for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for 20+ years.

I hope you learned something from others on the site and not just my ranting and raving about the injustice of life!!

Have a good week!

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Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

reliamed makes a bandage that is more comfortable and more sticky than the IV 3000. I really like it


I know you were just looking out for my best interests :slight_smile: I did call today and the CDE said we could talk this Thursday since I do not have to work at my internship site on that day. Since you worked for the university you know how it is for students working as an interns (in other words, working for free!)

I don’t think I have ever had a betta fish…we have a freshwater tank with Gouramis, tetras, danios, and a mini lobster. My husband is obsessed with the tank, hehehe…

Have a great week!


This confirms again …we are all so different …I have , living with diabetes for 26 years NO skin problems with tape ( other than dry skin on my right hand) …another story ;-( …thanks everyone for enlightening me ( correct spelling ??)
love from cool Canada …N.

Hi Suzanne!
I used to use this RELIGIOUSLY with every site change because I would sweat so bad, the regular glue from the sites wouldn’t stay on long enough.
You use an IV prep wipe to cleanse the area first. Let that dry then put the IV3000 on top of it. Then, use another (or the same) IV prep wipe to wipe the top of it. Let that dry, then place your site.
It worked for me because even though the edges of it would lift by the end of the 3 days, my site would still be in.