Polyskin, tegaderm, or iv3000

Last week i called up Medtronic about two infusion sets that had fallen out, and like last time I had this happen, they replaced both. However this time, they sent a kit which included a sample of everything they have to help make infusion sets stick. I have been using IV Prep since I started on the pump, and it seems to work well, but I think I’m going to get Skin Prep with my next order since it seemed to be better.

When I got my pump, the CDE that filled out the order also added the IV3000, but after using them for several months, I have been really disappointed with how they react to water. I have since tried both Polyskin and Tegaderm, and I am pleased with how well both react to water.

I would like to know from the people that have experience with both the tell me wich one has worked the best for the most conditions .

I use Skintac on my Dexcom 7+ CGM. Look it up on the web.


If you are looking at tapes… Tegaderm HP sticks really well, until I sweat… then it slides right off. It’s a good tape for me in places where I don’t sweat much. Opsite Flexifix (this is like IV3000 on steroids - WAY sticky and the tape it thicker) stays on me for 7-10 days with my dexcom sites. I actually find it overkill for most pump sites… I end up taking off skin with it when I remove it, but the stuff stays put. You buy it on a roll and can cut whatever length you want… for pump sites the 2" wide tape would be fine.

As far as adhesives, I prefer mastisol over Skin-tac (which I do like because it’s convenient), but both IV Prep and Skin Prep don’t really do much.

Past that, when it’s REALLY humid, I tend to avoid the places where I sweat more and things are less likely to stick - that means no sites on the belly or mid-section. It’s pretty much thighs, arms, or shoulder/upper back only.

I also “tape” my sites a little different than most… I don’t put the tape under the set. I insert the set, then cut a hole in the tape (for the connector), and place the tape over the top of the set - it allows the set tape to do it’s job (breathe) while protecting the edges, so the site can’t peel up on it’s own.

i actually use my tape the same way, and I’m currently trying the sample of matisol that medtronic sent me, but my only concern is that it looks like it costs significantly more than the wipes i have been using.

It is also like GLUE. Make sure if you use the Mastisol, you get the remover solvent Detachol - it takes off the residue when you remove the site.

The little ampules (which medtronic probably supplied as a sample) are expensive… but if you buy a bottle It’s not very expensive… maybe $20 including shipping for a 15mL bottle which will last FOREVER… just apply it with a q-tip.

I’ve never had to use the Detachol to remove it unless I’ve just applied it and for some reason need to remove it… otherwise it comes off just fine when I want it to.


ive been using “protective barrier wipes” by ReliaMed. i’m not sure how they compare to your polyskin or IV3000 but they work for me. i’ve used a tagaderm inconjunction…like on really active and humid summer days. i’m intersted in knowing the difference of the polyskin and IV3000 if you could explain further. thanks.

My son uses skin tac and that holds his infusion set in place fairly well. If he is going to a waterpark for the day, I often use Tegaderm over the site (I cut out a window for the plastic connection part), On a regular basis - he is extremely physically active with school sports - the skin tac works great. I google it and check out where I can find it the cheapest.

I use Skin Tac and Tac Away. The Skin Tac is super sticky and your quicksets will stay until you need to change them. Then you use the Tac Away to clean the wound and clean the adhesive. Works great. I used to use the barriers but it would leave a mark that took a week to fade away.


the main thing i’ve noticed with the iv3000 is that the adhesive is in like a grid pattern, which makes it very breathable and especially good for covering like an iv that you would have in a hospital (who would have thunk it?), but when they are exposed to any significant moisture, the moisture gets into the tiny air pockets caused by the grid like adhesive pattern, thus compromising the integrity of the dressing. with polyskin and tegaderm alike, the entire dressing is covered in adhesive so that even though it is not as breathable, it protects the site very well from moisture.

when i would shower with iv3000 on, i basically had to replace the entire dressing because it would fall off afterwords, especially if i wasn’t careful to be gentle with it. with polyskin and tegaderm, i don’t have any problems with either after they are thoroughly wet.

I have come to these conclusions by only using tegaderm and polyskin once, but several months ago i was reading on this site, and i saw many people commenting on using tegaderm and it working very well, and i have seen very little about iv3000, so i assume that tegaderm is better, especially after testing it myself.

when you use mastisol, do you clean the area before applying it. i saw that the directions said to cleanse, so i used rubbing alcohol before applying the mastisol.

i’m thinking about getting mastisol with my next order of supplies this month, along with tegaderm

did you mean to say more rick?

IV3000 will sweat off withing 30 minutes in a hot Houston summer. they also pucker up and self destruct when taking a shower.
Polyskin will hold up well to heat, sweat and shower and is preferable in the summer. The polyskin is some type of plastic but is not irritating to me. Its a little harder to put on however.