Infusion sets staying on!

My dauther is 6 yrs old, we got the Animas pump for her back in June. I love it!!

However, we have a very hard time keeping the infusion set and/or the IV dressing on her body, mostly in the summertime, but even when she takes a bath. Now I was told that it was water proof, but I haven’t seen that yet. I was also told that because she produces so much moisture, especially in summer, that is causing it to fall off. Whatever the problem is, I need help, we have had to change her site sometimes 2 times a day because of it falling off.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried covering the infusion set? I usually use this dressing (Individually packaged sterile IV 3000 dressing) when I will be particularly active or swimming a lot. It goes right over the infusion set and holds it is place nicely. When I remove the pump for showering, I just peel it back and re-stick it. It seals around the infusion set pretty well. You might be able to order these from the same place that you get your supplies-- or find them cheaper from another website. Sometimes i just use medical tape to tape around the edges of the infusion set. Hope this helps!!!…

Hi Lotus,

You said that you have a hard time keeping the IV dressing on her body… is that dressing the 3M Tegaderm dressing?

I have been using Tegaderm since 2003 because I had the exact same problem with summer sweat making my infusion set fall out quite often (although I have a Minimed 715 pump with the Paradigm Sof-Set infusion set, instead of the Animas pump). You can’t use Tegaderm with every type of infusion set, because if the quick disconnect disconnects from right above where the set goes into the body, the Tegaderm will cover it. if the disconnect is a few inches away, then it will work with no problems… that’s is you have a disconnect. I’m not familiar with Animas infusion sets at all.

I can’t really find a link that shows the exactly how to apply the Tegaderm, but here’s a link that shows what it looks like:


I use 2 Tegaderm patches per infusion set: one horizontally and one vertically. The size of the patches that I use is the same as the one in the link above (they come in several different sizes).


Are you using the Smith&nephew iv prep before inserting the canula? I have tried using just the alcohol preps without the “sticky” in them and they won’t stay secure 24 hours. I have the tegaderm patches, but do not find using them necessay even in hot sweaty conditions as long as I have prepped correctly. My connection will stay secure 36 hours even with showering & swimming.

I haven’t tried Tagaderm yet. I will definitely do so, as that’s not what we have now. So that could do the trick. Thank you.

We use the Barrier Wipes before inserting the canula. I am not sure of the brand name, never really paid attention. I will check. Will order a new brand if I have too, also I mentioned above, we haven’t tried the tagaderm patches, but they seem to be popular, I will have to try those as well. The childrens hospital here is amazing and will give me samples of anything I would like to try, so I guess it’s time to take advantage. Thank you.

Hi. I am new to the group, but hope you don’t mind my commenting. I have heard the Certain Dry deodorant applied before putting on the IV 3000 or site (whichever your method) works well for some people. My daughter who is now 10 couldn’t use it because she broke out from it, but I have heard that it works well for many. We use the IV prep wipes first, then the IV 3000, then insert the site. For really heavy swimming days we might use another IV 3000 with a hole cut in the center placed over the site so that we can connect and disconnect easier during swimming since she doesn’t usually wear the pump during swimming but gets out and reconnects to eat a snack etc. Hope this makes sense. Sometimes hard to explain via email! :slight_smile:

You actually put the clear iv dressing down first? I was never taught that, but this is the 3rd or 4th time I have heard about that. But before I try it, I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. You wipe the site, then put the iv clear dressing down, then insert the site. Then if needs be, add a second iv dressing (with the hole cut out of course) on top? For the iv dressing that goes down first, I don’t have to cut a hole right?

You are correct. The idea is that with some skin it is more oily and the sites don’t stick very well to oily skin so if you are using the IV3000 between the skin and the site you are providing an oil free surface. You might want to check what type of soap you are using…if you use soap that has an oil or lotion in it that might also be your problem now that I think about it. Ofcourse who likes dry skin! Back to your question though…wipe the site with an IV prep which is much stickier than using an alcohol wipe, put the IV3000 on, then the site for most days. Try this first to see how well it sticks. They only time I add the other one on top with the hole is when we have heavy swimming days and I notice the other is not working for her. Maybe for you the first approach will work since you haven’t tried it before. :slight_smile:

We never mind any helpful tips you may have for us. This is the best place to learn new things. Only a diabetic would understand what another diabetic is going through. Please feel free to jump right in.

Thanks for the welcome! While I am not a diabetic my daughter is and has been since 23 mo old. We have been living with this for about 8 years 24/7. Since she was dxd as a toddler it gives us a unique perspective on D. Because she couldn’t communicate much during that time we had to be eyes and ears about D. I try to share what I hear and experiences that we have learned through trial and error since she isn’t really into communicating like this yet. She helps those younger than her in person, but not in this type of forum. We certainly don’t have all the answers so we look forward to being here and learning from all of you and just hanging out with those that understand the good and the bad of D.

Ok let me correct myself, if you have a young child that has medical issues then it is like you have the medical issues also. I have a child that has medical issues but she is not diabetic. People are surpised when I know as much as I do about her needs. I look ath them and let them know the more I know about her needs the easier it makes my life as a mom. Your daughter is lucky to have you.

I am definitely going to try that when it’s time to change the site. Thank you so much. That makes perfect sense and I am so excited.

My daughter has very sensitive skin. Do you think that glue will irritate it? Thanks for your help.

Very true. Thank you so much. We are actually changing her site tonight and I don’t have the glue, but I will get some this week and try that out.

Sarah: Did you have to have the removal stuff when using the “glue”? I remember it being a mess, but I guess it depends on how much trouble you are having with the sites sticking. We tried a couple of different suggested methods before we figured out what worked best for my daughter. Lotus: It might be the same for you too. I would start with the simple approach looking at the type of bathing method and soap you are using first to see if there is oil or lotion in it first. You never know…it could be something really simple!Second I would try the IV3000. Third I would try the IV prep and IV3000. Fourth I would try the “glue” as suggested above. The only reason I suggest working up to this is because you mention your daughters sensitive skin. Good luck to ya Lotus. Keep us posted on what works for your daughter.

I used to have all sorts of problems with this. I used to use Tegaderm, with the sticky stuff (don’t remember the name) and it worked most of the time. But when playing or working hard, especially in the summer, the sweat and movement would pull out the infusion set. In a pinch I would use duct tape as it was available and worked. Since I have started using the newer Paradigm sets that seems to have gone away. I dont know why but these seem to stay just fine. Good luck!

Oh my goodness I can’t imagine using duct tape to keep a site on! I hope it didn’t hurt too much when you took it off… I think the infusion site companies are getting the feedback that the sites need to stick better. I know when I have attended the children with diabetes conferences we have always provided this type of feedback and I think they are listening so I am glad to hear you have found one that is working for you. :slight_smile:

In Sweden we do it like this: 2 hrs before changing the set we use emla- lotion which we cover with tegaderm ( dont know wether you have the same over there) - it numbs /takes away all the feeling in the area where we will put the new set ,so the change of set is totally painless, which i belive is important for younger children.

After 2 hrs . tegaderm goes off and we wipe away the rest of the emla.
To get all off we “wash” with alcogel ( a gel with alcohol in it). Then we just shoot the new set where we prepared for it to be.

Earlier we used Sof-set Micro QR infusion set with the extra “tegaderm” that went with it. The set never could take water or perspiration well an often it fell off.
this site´s in swedish but the pictures will show you what i mean

Now we only use quick set…it never falls off! We are soooo happy! Bathing, jumping, running, warm weather, cold weather gymnastics etc. we can do it all…it´s wonderful!
I have a soon to be 6 ½ year old boy diagnosed with diabetes since before his second birthday: u name it - we tried it! And this works wonders with small children.

Good luck!