Simvastatin and sleep disorders?

I've had a kind of jittery teeth grinding effect ever since I started taking simvastatin a few months ago, and I noticed it was keeping me awake.

I started taking it mid day so I could get a nights sleep.
I mentioned it to my endo and he said that sleep problems weren't a noted side effect of simvastatin and that it must be taken at night. Otherwise he seemed fairly disinterested.

If I take it right before bed as instructed, I'll drop off, but then be gradually awoken 1-2 hours into the night until I have to resign myself to the fact that I'm absolutely wide awake and I'll have to wait it out.

I googled it tonight, as it's 3am and I'm unable to sleep again and it turned up all manner of things regarding simvastatin and insomnia.

Does it effect anyone else like this?

I took simvastatin for almost 4 years and never put my symptoms with that drug, including but not limited to insomnia, and a general achiness and crappy feeling similar to fibromyalgia. I was reading on here one day someone mentioned statins and the wave of negativity was palpable. I never had the problems with lipitor just with simvastatin. But the insurance company forced me to switch to simvastatin because at the time lipitor was not available generically. 2 months ago I switched back to Lipitor and the change has been dramatic. I haven't taken any type of pain medication for a month and a half. My sleep is fully resolved. I feel so good and while most doctors will shrug and say a statin is a statin for some people not all statins are the same. It's kind of like D your experience may vary.