Since my DKA, I've been off of my pump since July 25th and hopefully will be back on it September 5th

I ended up in the Hospital on July 25th perhaps my pump malfunctioned (This is my 2nd pump btw as the first one malfunctioned and was replaced with my current one) or it couldve of been the infusion set itself. I spent most of my time in the ICU. Well I have been off of the pump since then and hopefully will be back on in septembers appt. Right now I am Levemir and finally back on the novolog (they put me on humolog which didnt work at all! which is why I hate humolog). Since being back on the novolog (started it today after giving the humolog a few more tries) and my #s have been a bit better! I was also told to use the ketostix (which I just wrote a blog entry about).

OMG do I miss my pump! I see how much stuff I waste using syringes, etc. I went through a whole box that I got from the drug store when I was discharged on the 30th. I hate keeping a log and forgot a few days to put down insulin amount as I left my log at home (grr)

Has any of you (i'm sure some) ended up with a DKA and had to be off of their pump? I did get permission to use my CGM again (thankfully as the last sensor had a sensor failure). Now I can see where the levels are going. So just wanted to hear your experience after a DKA

What was the rationale for not restarting the pump immediately after the DKA crisis? Was it worry about another site problem?

I read about good experiences about many here using MDIs. I haven't done it in 26 years. I think it'd take me a little while to get things tweaked. It's probably a good exercise for you and you could fall back on that regimen more confidently next time. Both pump and MDI have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Glad you regained access to your favored rapid acting analog. Returning to your CGM should help, a lot. Good luck. I've never been in DKA, have no idea what's it's like.

Never say you never been in DKA as I said that and welp I ended up with a DKA and in the ICU. It sucks...YOu feel quite ill, You throw up (at least I did when I was on the medical floor and had to go back down to ICU)....You feel really dehydrated, etc.

MDI never really worked well for me in the first place. I did it from 2006 to 2011. I remember going to the diabetes walk event and looked into the animas pump...I wished I did it back then and learned how can I get assistance to get one (In NY there is no mandatory health ins law like they do here in MA)...I am back on my CGM after I spoke with my nurse. I will now have a back up levemir and novolog just in case my body decided it has its own agenda.

I wished when i was in the hospital they would let me do a site change to see if that was the issue. On the medical floor they wouldnt let me. When I was back down on ICU they did the insulin drip along with others so I couldn't do a site change either. I wished when I went to my endo that he would check on the pump to see if it was working properly and allow me to do a site change and see if we can figure out the issue. This is my second pump btw. My original one decided to malfunction in June and got a replacement a few days later. So if this pump fails again I will have to somehow get out of the contract and use something different.

This was my situation, nearly verbatim! I had been on a Diesetronic pump from 2000 to 2009. At the time, Diesetronic had a program where they would replace your pump every year or so. Come May 2009, my pump had malfunctioned and I was taken off in an ambulance for DKA. I was in the ICU for three days.

After that, I was terrified to go back on the pump. Last year, after being unable to control my sugars with injections, I decided I wanted to get back on the pump. I started again with pump therapy October 2012, this time with my Animas One Touch Ping and it's been great. My A1c went from 12 (yes, 12!) at the time of my DKA to my most recent A1c of 7.3. So yes, I did take a long three-year break from the pump, but I'm very grateful I was able to get back on it.

I waste so many syringes its not even funny..The pump supplies is less carbon footprint to me but I cant even afford to get more sharps containers as that is how many I go through. The last one I bought filled out quite quickly too! I know I need to get another one but that will be filled quickly too. I miss my pump..I hate having to do too many shots a day where I can have my meter talk to my pump and go from there. MDI never ever worked out for me. I hate that I have to write every bg's and how many insulin I gave myself. It doesnt matter as I had 1 DKA and all of the sudden I am back on the MDIs and need to write down everything? If I had more than 1 I can see why but just one??? I think its overdoing it a bit