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Just started using Dexcom CGM I also use a Minimed pump. Having trouble with placement. Any suggestions on how to place both sites without using same spot twice in a row?

my experience: i RARELY if ever use my stomach (too sensitive of skin) so I use my thighs primarily for the DEXCOM and arms/hips(butt)/low back for my insulin infusion (I use OmniPod). i've discovered that i had to get creative with spots and branch out from the 'normal'.

I don't use my stomach. I stopped using the stomach once I got the Omnipod and haven't used it since (over 2 years). Same goes for my Dex. I use arms and thighs for my Dex. Was thinking of trying back of leg (calf area) as I've used numerous times for my Omnipod, but haven't gone there yet.

I typically do Dex on arms and Omnipod on calf or lower back. Then Dex on thighs and Omnipod on arms.

If you put MM in your stomach then just rotate Dex between arms and thighs and you should be good to go.

I have been on the Dexcom for several weeks now and started off using the abdomen for the first few weeks. I'm still using MDI, so I put the Dex on one side and used the other for injections. Once I got comfortable with the Dexcom, I decided to try out some alternative spots.

My first choice was the back of the arm, kind of above the tripod and towards the back of the deltoid. I am pretty comfortable with this spot, although there is a lot more flex in the skin there, so the tape on the sensor only lasted about three days. I covered the sensor with some Opsite Flexfix and it's been there for over a week now with no problems.

I haven't tried the thighs yet, as I tend to wear boxers and will wear shorts quite a bit in the summer time. I'm worried about placing the sensor on my thigh and having either my boxers or my shorts catch the edge of the sensor with the normal movement of the clothes. Maybe I'll get a little braver as I get more used to the sensor and try it once to see how it goes.

I'm thinking of moving to the Omnipod sometime this summer, so I'll definitely want to find some more sites to rotate around.

Best of luck,


Thanks for the tip about the Opsite Flexfix. I have been having trouble with sensor tape.

I just completed a sensor change and with the great success of the Opsite Flexfix, I went ahead and tried the leg. :-)

I started off by shaving the spot I wanted to try and then using some skin prep. The sensor went in just fine and I had my piece of Opsite Flexfix already cut and had a hole in the center just slightly larger than the sensor.

The spot I picked is on the inner part of the thigh about three inches above the knee. I applied the Flexfix while I was in the sitting position, so when I stand it's a little tight, but not uncomfortable. After 2 hours of walking around the house waiting for the sensor to activate, it seems pretty comfortable. It will be completely unnoticeable while I'm wearing pants. If I'm wearing a long pair of shorts, it's unnoticeable while I'm standing or walking, but when I sit down it does show. We'll see if the bottom edge of my shorts catches it, but I'm hoping not.

Now that I've found a good spot on the upper arm and if the thigh position works, I'll be ready for the Omnipod and start rotating sensors and Omnipods all over the body. Should make pool season a little more interesting. At least I won't have to worry about disconnecting anything. :-)


This is great info, as I don't like stomach for dex, may I ask you all that put it on your arms and legs, where on the thighs? inner, outer, side? also for the arms, do you insert the needle yourself or have someone assist? I just keep thinking on the arm doing it one-handed would be tough? thanks for any suggestions!

I will also be removing my stomach from the Parrformance approved locations sheet, I placed a sensor today on my stomach and thought that I peirced all the way thru my liver. I tell you it hurt. I will try my legs next time.

Hi Debbie,

Like others have said, there is lots of available "real estate" on your arms, legs, butt, and even back. Here are a few quick links to show some possible placement locations.

- On back
- Swimming, on back
- Arm Band
- Back/side
- Legs
- Infusion Sites Diagram

Good luck and cheers, Mike

I'm on day one of my first sensor and it is already obvious to me that putting them on my stomach isn't going to work very well with my two little kids climbing all over me. Don't imagine thighs would be much better. Wanted to do the first one on the back of my arm but thought I better get some practice with the insertion somewhere I can actually use both hands first. Is it difficult to get the transmitter installed on back of arm?

Hey Alan,

Interesting spots for the Dex ! I have the same 'real estate' problems like we all do for devices on our skin.

For a long time Dexcom has claimed that they are only FDA approved for the stomach/abdomen - have you ever had any issues with the sites? Or disucssed it with them?

How is the sensor insertion with the upper arm? I used to wear the Freestyle Navigator sensors there and it was a pretty good out of the way spot, but their inserter was more compact and I could do it with one hand - I think I can do the Dex too, but figured I would ask someone who has done it already.

Thanks much, Chris G

Hi Chris, I saw nobody responded to your questions so thought I'd answer. I use Dexcom and OmniPod. I have used my Dex on my stomach, legs and arms. For me, my arms are the most accurate and comfortable site. I found my abdomen to be the least accurate.

When I have discussed Dexcom sensors with the customer service reps, I do not tell them that I am wearing sensors on my arm, but honestly I have not had to call Dexcom for anything in months since I started using my arms.

I will say that it can be a little tricky to insert the sensor by yourself with no help on your arms, although I've done it. I have to sort of play around with it before I place it for real. The hardest part for me is releasing and pulling the plunger part off and then twisting the little piece off at the end. I usually try to change my sensor when my husband is home so he can help me. It actually makes him feel good that he can help! :)

Hi Sam, I put mine on the front part of my arm that is close to where your arm joins your armpit. If I put my arm down by my side against my body, it's about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches from where my arm meets my body, toward the center of my arm on the front of my arm. This is probably confusing but maybe you'll get the idea!

I've done it completely by myself in that location - I don't think there's any way I could do the back of my arm by myself with Dex. I usually do the plunger insertion by myself and I can rock the plunger forward then I get my husband it pull the plunger off and twist off the last little piece. We have it down pat!

Thighs it is. Sight insertion on the upper/inner thigh was relatively painless and seems to be working fine. Zero discomfort during sleep and I quickly forgot it was there.

I just did the upper inner thigh this last week, and for the majority of time fantastic! Except on Day 6 I got the ??? for over 12 hours and then 'sensor failed'. I seem to get a lot of ??? and unsure as to why?
anyways I still keep my minimed pump attached to stomach, but from now on thighs it is!!
Oh, and the only thing that helps keeping it on is that Godsend, Sticky Tac, that so many people advised, AMAZING!!