Where have you tried the sensor other than the abdomen?

There is a stale post on this, and I thought it might be worth asking where people have tried the sensor other than the abdomen. I’m considering my upper thigh with the next one.

All reports of any successful or unsuccessful experiments are appreciated (even though the FDA might not feel the same way).


I’ve actually never put the sensor in my abdomen - as far as I’m concerned that real estate is only for my pump! :stuck_out_tongue:
I always have Dex in my thigh…I’ve tried my arm but Dex didnt work well there at all.

I’ve tried on my lower back (just below my waist), my outer thigh, and upper arm (the spot on my arm where I would take shots back in the day) and all of those locations work better for me than the abdomen. My arm is actually my favorite spot now, b/c it’s out of the way and generally works pretty well. I have a hard time getting it on myself, since I use extra adhesive, but I get my boyfriend to help with putting the sensor on.

During the month of June when it was stinking hot in the Midwest, I used my arm. It worked really well during that month as I kept having sensors die on me (Dexcom replaced the sensors but I don’t know if it was that I was sweating big time? and it was hot and very humid and I was tenting). While I wore the sensor on my arm, my Hubby called me Seven of Nine (I believe?) from Star Trek and sometimes a Borg - but yet with the insulin pump and Dex, he jokes that I have several Borg implants (but hey, the Dex Borg has helped me many many times).

One of my favorite places to put the sensor is right underneath my boobs but in the middle - it’s right underneath the bra - not so much of in the belly. The sensor doesn’t show on my silhouette fitting dresses and doesn’t give the appearance of a second belly button (even though I’ve been losing weight big time, I don’t need people to think I got pregnant again and have an outie! LOL!).

I have problems with the sensor being below my waistband or near the waistband (even when the waistband doesn’t touch the sensor sticky stuff).

I haven’t tried my backside yet but plan to someday.

Thanks for posting this question, I was hoping to see a more current thread of sensor placement.

Thanks for the responses. I put the sensor in my thigh on Thursday, and it’s been working just the same.

Jaybear - so where did you put it on your thigh? The inside of the thigh?

For what it’s worth, during summer “shirt’s off” weather (though with my scrawny chest I should really keep my shirt on), I put the sensor in on my hip/buttock area - more on the side of the buttock than the back, if that makes sense. It usually works pretty well, though I do notice the edges curling up more there than when I have it on my abdomen.

I put it on the outside of my thigh – it would be underneath where your pants pocket would be. So far, so good, but it seems like I’m getting a bit more of the ???. When I get the ???, I refer to the Dexcom as “The Mystery Machine.”

I’d also like to hear more about alternate sensor placement. The instructions say to make sure it is horizontally placed, but I noted that on Six Until Me blog, she’s got it vertical on her upper arm. Anyone have an opinion on whether the vertical placement doesn’t work as well? Or other suggestions about good place to stick the sensor?

If she stretches out the arm the sensor is horizontal. Just kidding. I think that the important aspect is how the skin contracts and expands at the site. I just pinched my abdomen. It is way easier to pinch my abdomen horizontally. My upper arm is way easier to pinch vertically. This is what I would go by.

That makes sense…the Dexcom instructions make it seem like the abdomen is the only place you can put it.

Etta, DexCom has FDA approval for abdomen only. DexCom is not allowed to recommend unapproved sites. DexCom would need to go through another FDA approval process for alternate sites. I have read many posts which state that abdomen is the worst possible site. For me abdomen works the best so far. As alternate sites I have only tried left and right love handle which turned out to be worse than abdomen because I sleep on my sides. I have no idea how I would attach the sensor to my back. I am not very flexible. Even arms seem challenging because I would need to do everything with one hand only. Keep me posted about the results of your experiments.

Ahhh…that explains the abdominal focus.

I will provide info on alternate sites–thanks to yoga, I can twist around pretty easily–but hope to successfully restart the current location later this week.

I know that yoga would be beneficial to me. It would be too funny if I got into yoga so that I can attach a sensor to my back.

That might be why you start but there’s lots of other reasons why you’d keep going!

I know. Most likely I could drop a couple of pills that I am on. I am just so lazy.

I am liking the spot between the hip bone and the ribs, as far around to my back as I can twist (which puts it just around the corner from my side). The only down side seems to be that this is a spot that seems to get a lot of stretching in yoga…but I’ve been watching the tape and applying liquid bandage to get it stuck back down.

I tried putting a sensor in the upper portion on my “Bum”, just below where a pair of ladies bikini’s would sit. It worked for a day, and then, yesterday morning, I was sitting up in bed, propped up with pillows, and received a sensor error. . . hmmmnn.

Not sure if sitting in that unual position (I’m not really one to watch a whole movie sitting up in bed, shoot, I hardly get to sit still that long!) caused the failure or not. Tried to restart the sensor, no good. Left it alone overnight, and restarted it took my calibration BG’s this morning, if it gets flaky or fails again, guess I’ll just call Dex com and see if they could replace the sensor. But this is the first time I’m trying a site other than belly, so that’s not a whole lot of info to base an opinion on. Think I’m going to try upper abdomen next time, not sure I like the bum area, I keep getting snagged, LOL.

I’ve been using my upper thigh for years, never had problems with it. I just make sure the snap-down part is facing my feet, to avoid pooling moisture in the shower.

I use outer thighs, arms and belly for infusion sites, was hoping the “bum” area would work out better for a CGMS than it does for an infusion set, but it’s not looking great so far. I do worry a bit about skin fatigue, I’ve got plenty of lumpy spots from years of glass and metal syringes, don’t want to make itany worse than it already is!

I am very interested in alternative sites as well. I think a better approach to this post would be to describe what the alternative areas are like, because one person's thigh may be nothing like the next's, and whether the Dexcom works well there are not depends more on the tissue it's in than where on the body it is. Dexcom works pretty well on my abdomen, except in the summer, not quite sure why. I've never been able to get more than 10 days out of it though like some people. I have a pretty lean abdomen, muscular, but still have a small "diabetes" pooch under my belly button, and I've found I get the best and longest lasting performance when I put sensors there. I just now put a new sensor on my upper inner thigh, which is the softest (most pinchable) part of my thigh. My theory from my abdomen experiences is that the dexcom likes softer places (like maybe with more fat), what do y'all think and how does it match up to luck with alternative sites?