Dexcom Locations

I know that the Dexcom is only supposed to be used on the stomach. I think I have read that people have put it on other locations on their body. Has anyone done that successfully? And if so, where on your body. I'm having trouble doing it on the stomach because I am pretty thin. Thanks for the replies

Anywhere you have some fat. Thighs, small of your back and back of arms work, but, the receiver needs to be close enough so arms may not work as well. To put it on your back you may need some help.

Hey Rich --

Doing some search here would get you some results you might glean more info from, but short of that, I put mine on my arms (the outside of my triceps). I'm skinny...'ish' up there (sorta... c'mon... I'm 53 for pete's sake), and don't have much fat (ok... got some on my belly, but the transmitters HURT on my belly, ok?!?!). I've been getting great tracking from my arm sites. I know they are not 'approved' sites by Dexcom (read: not approved by the FDA), but all is well for me. I even inject based on my Dex numbers, which I know most folks here (at least the vocal ones) do not do. It takes a time or two to figure out how to do the insertions one-handed, but it's not really a big deal after doing it a few times (either side). There's even a video here showing how to do it. Just search for it.

Good luck.


Rich, I'm on my 2nd time on my arm and love it. I had a hard time with my stomach as I would hit it on the counter and carrying boxes at work. I place on the back side of my arm (about an inch for my arm pit). I also restart my dexcom and usually get 14 days! I forget the sensor is even there. Give it a try you may like it. Good Luck

Thigh site, front of leg, even with the inseam I am very thin, 5' 9" and 141 lbs.
The stomach sites hurt desperately, the thigh sites have worked well, no discomfort and good results.

I find I get the absolute best accuracy from either back/upper arm or inner thigh. I sit with my legs together, and use a site just above where my legs meet, towards upper thigh. As Brian said, anywhere you have a little fat will work just fine.

Back of my arm is by far my best spot and the sites really last!

So far I have tried the stomach, back of the arm, and inner thigh. So far, with the exception of one sensor in the thigh that I believe went into muscle, I've been able to get good readings from all three sites.

My current sensor is on my thigh and doing great on day 10. I think my favorite site is the back of the arm though. When it's there, I get great readings and I don't even realize it's there.

Here are some of my thoughts on the three different sites:

Abdomen: Pros - Easy to do myself, plenty of fat below the skin (at least for me!), sensor stays put due to little skin movement of the core area. Cons - Sometimes lay on it wrong when I'm sleeping (I tend to change positions frequently in my sleep), eliminates one side of my abdomen for insulin injections.

Upper arm: Pros - Great readings (this has been the best site for reliable and consistent readings), tend not to notice the sensor the least in this site, Opens up my entire abdomen for insulin injections. Cons - Difficult to insert sensor on my own, impossible to put on Flexifilm dressing over sensor on my own, have to be careful when putting on and removing shirts as it sometimes catches on the sleeve.

Thigh: Pros - Able to install sensor and Flexifilm tape easily, keeps sensor out of sight even with swimming suit on (it is summer), also opens up entire abdomen for insulin injections. Cons - I seem to have the most skin distortion on my thigh between standing, sitting, walking and it takes a toll on Flexifilm tape. I keep my receiver on my nightstand during the night and I tend to lose signal overnight as the sensor is towards the lower end of my body. Need to be careful when putting on and removing underwear and/or shorts depending on how high I place the sensor.

My $.02,


My 3 cents worth.
1) Sensor to receiver distance is just weird. I am doing swimming pool therapy for a knee injury. My receiver gets data more than 70% of the time when I am more than 20 feet (3 meters) from my receiver. When I am sleeping the range drops to less than 3 feet (0.9 meters).
2) Always inspect your sensor on removal. If the wire is not all there, use a Sharpie pen to circle the insertion hole. Place a mark outside the circle to indicate which way the sensor was angled.
3) Be VERY aware some insurance companies will not pay for "mishaps" (therapeutic misadventures) resulting from failure to use equipment as designed and approved by the Gestapo.
4) Discounting #3, I insert my sensors vertically because they pull out when I toss in my sleep. Look for a vertical line between the front of your armpit to one going through the middle of your clavicle where abdominal muscles thin before laterals begin for fat pad.

3 cents.

My 6 yr old daughter is a string bean. We use the back of her arm for sensors and it works really well for us.