Skin surgery, Tummy tuck -Type 1 or LADA

Has anyone had skin surgery with type 1 or LADA? Where there special precautions
to take as a result? How did your endo feel about it?

I haven’t had elective surgery. However, the main concern for surgery is blood sugars during surgery (safety concerns), and after surgery (healing concerns). If your blood sugars are well controlled they should not pose a problem for surgery. Then it would come down to your doctor’s inputs.

I have hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), and it is much as @JustLookin stated. In fact, my diabetes was discovered this May due to blood test for pre-surgery (BS was 452). They still did surgery (as I had not yet seen my PCP for insulin), so they gave me insulin in pre-op. So, at least for me, they only precaution is that they made sure to take my BS. My skin lesions were BAD and probably not helped by the high sugars. It was more painful and took a longer time to heal. Things got a lot better when my sugars came under control.

I had to have a 2nd surgery a month later (this June) and my blood sugars were under pretty decent control. I can tell you pain and healing time were SO much better.

Thanks for the replies. i am really working on my blood sugars.