Surgery and diabetes

I tore my rotator cuff when I fell the other day and I’m looking at having to have surgery to correct it. I meet with my surgeon tomorrow morning to discuss what I need to have done but I’m just concerned about it and my diabetes. Is there anything special I need to do before surgery with my diabetes? I mentioned I have diabetes to the first doctor and he didn’t even acknowledge that I mentioned it.

I just want to avoid any potential problems and just be well informed going into this.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Get the surgeon to talk specifically with you about it. Do not let them be silent on the subject. Get your ENDO on the phone and find out what dosage they want you to use. Some pain meds may cause “bg climbing”, the pain-discomfort, the stress of the surgery certainly will.

Regardless you know your diabetes, they know the meds they’ll be giving you, and the likely effects thereof. Make sure everyone involved gets HEARD so you know what to do, or will be done for you until you can do it for yourself again…

You’ll do fine…

I had a surgeon that didn’t seem to listen to me either. He kept saying that he was going to give me a little sugar water during the procedure. I was like what? Reminded him again that I have diabetes, and he said it will be fine. I knew my procedure was going to be about an hour. I was lucky that I am on a pump and was able to lower my basal by about 25% and had no problems. They still gave me sugar water. Very frustrating! I can relate to what you are saying. I agree with Stuart. Get your endo and your whole team onboard with you. Good luck!

Thanks guys! Yeah my surgery date is the 7th of October. Yeah I’ve noticed that even with the injury alone my bgs have been climbing.

Hopefully it all turns out okay…

This is true. I also thought of writing “Diabetic-Insulin” all over my body in permanent marker. But telling the anesthesiologist might be enough.

I tended high during and after the surgery, but I told a full Lantus dose. They might recommend that you slightly reduce your Lantus dose to prevent lows.