Skin Tac Wipe and TacAway question

I am thinking about getting Skin Tac Wipes to help keep my son's OmniPod down. Can this product also be used to help keep the Dexcom down? By day 3 or 4 I usually tape it around the edges with Opsite Flexfix, but if I could just buy and use ONE product that would be better. Thanks!

We use skin tac AND the flexifix. I think the skin tac helps originally, but after a while we have to tape it down no matter what.

Hmmm, well if we are getting by with just the Flexfix then maybe we'll stick with that. We haven't worn a CGM during an active summer yet though, so I may need to use both then. Thanks.

Skin Tac works really well for me - even after 10 or 12 days, the sensor stays perfectly on and even the edges still stick! Here is what I do: first, skin has to be very clean and dry; I apply Skin Tac generously over an area wider than the sensor pad - BUT, it's important to avoid the actual insertion site... I first make a pen mark at the site and place a "spot" band aid over it before spreading Skin Tac, which I remove before inserting the sensor (make sure it's completely dry...)The stuff is really messy so I clean the excess around sensor (and fingers!) with Uni-solve pad.

I find with the Gen 4 I end up using both. Also I have better results with liquid SkinTac in a bottle vs the wipes. I apply with a q tip when it starts to peel up and add the flexifix if the SkinTac isn’t enough.

Skin Tac is working great for me on my first sensor...on day 11!

I have to use Skin Tac, but after 1 week the top always starts to peel off.

I ordered Hypafix Dressing Tape and am hoping that will work for me, otherwise I'm going to try this solution next:

When I used Dexcom Seven+, I used only IV-3000, as needed when the edges came up.
But with Gen4, I found I needed to start using SkinTac plus IV-3000 (Opsite).

I decided to use the liquid SkinTac, and also apply using a Q-tip, after attaching the Gen4. Just need it around the edges, and very little. It soaks right through the white tape. I think the bottle will last forever.
Then I apply the IV-3000, with a cutout, to cover the edges, and cover up the tacky skin tac, once it has dried.
I also purchased Uni-Solve wipes, but found that most times, I don't need it, and don't like how oily it is.