Skin tac

I just got some skin tac wipes in the post this morning and have used one to stick the edges of my sensor down as they were starting to peel off.

BUT if I am using it before inserting a new sensor do I wipe the whole area or do i need to leave a gap in the middle where the sensor actually pierces the skin? Is it easy to get the sensor in exactly this place so you are not putting it through the skin tac. Or doesn’t it matter?

Don’t put it where the sensor goes, it can mess with your readings (so I’ve been told) :slight_smile:

I usually swab the edges of the tape when I insert a new sensor, not my skin… let it get tacky for a few seconds, and apply.

I use Opsite Flexfix to tape around my sensors though - the SkinTac helps, but for me it won’t stop a sensor from coming off early. The Flexfix does.

I’ve never used skin tac, but the Smith & Nephew wipes have no effect on Sensor lifespan or accuracy. I wipe the entire area, then dry with a hair dryer.

(I’m referring to both “I.V. Prep”, which I used for a couple of years and strongly recommend AGAINST using; and to “Skin-Prep”, which is made for exactly this purpose, gives me great results. But YMMV, etc.)

BTW, with any of these solvent-based wipes and liquid adhesives: They start out really runny. Angling a hair dryer upwards, into your “target area”, keeps the liquid compound from flowing away from the upper half of your “target area” while it dries. Since the upper edge is where tape often begins to fail, this is another +++ for using a hair dryer instead of air-drying.

I use Skin Tac on my skin to prepare the site for attachment of a Dexcom CGM sensor. I swab it on from the bottle with the small spherical applicator that is attached to the bottle lid. I have had very favorable results with my sensors usually lasting about 16 days.

I let the Skin Tac dry to a sticky consistency before I apply the sensor bandage. I’ve used a hair dryer to hurry the drying process along. I have not noticed any sensor performance problems caused by swabbing the entire site, including the point where the sensor introducer needle pierces the skin.

I then swab on some additional Skin Tac around the edges of the sensor bandage. I have no complaints with this product and am very happy with the long-lasting results.


I was told to make a doughnut shape to keep the insertion area clean. I have done it both ways and have not noticed any difference.