What to use to secure dexcom sensor?

I’m wondering what you guys use to secure the dexcom sensor such that you can remove transmitter at the end of 10 days restart it and continue to use the sensor. Previously when i was on CGMS with medtronic, I put a piece of tegaderm or IV3000 on top but it’s very hard to remove without dislodging the sensor.

Do you need to put something on it to secure the dexcom even if you just use it for 10 days?

PS. I’m in Australia btw, some of the stuff you guys are using probably I won’t be able to get it here :frowning:

We call Dexcom Tech support to request they mail us a pack of “overpatches” for free.

If you can’t get those, you can order some more sticky, more permanent overpatch tape from ExpressionMed LLC. These work for a long time.

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The overpatches from dexcom are great, hope you can get those free.

Other option is IV3000 or similar that you can find on Amazon. Comes in pre-cut sizes or roll.

There is also a liquid called skin-tac, also available in individual packs. Put that on first or from bottle. I also apply to get existing patch to stick again.

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I had been using clear over-patches for years but when I ran out this time I purchased cool funky colored ones from a company called RockaDex on Amazon. I feel like a Warrior now! My CGM doesn’t feel like a medical device now but instead an enhancement tool for living. At 53, I’ll take whatever victories I can get.

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I just use Skin Tac liquid adhesive when I apply my Dexcom and do touch ups under the edges as needed.

I restart mine and they get a good thrashing lol as I’m in the ocean 2-3 hours twice a week and restart them and they usually last at least 25 days. My shampoo and conditioner also seem to make me touch up under the edges too.

But Skin Tac has been great.


Thanks is that a one off thing? Do they advertise this?

Does the sensor need to be covered as well to keep the water out? The patches here appear to have a cutout for the sensor to appear through.

I’ve tried skin tac before but don’t find them that effective. Extends life for about 1-2 days at most

The version I use is not the liquid version but comes in little packages like alcohol wipes

I use GifsGrips for variety - I of course use them for Medtronic products but they have the same for Dexcom

The liquid Skin Tac you can apply liberally all over the bottom adhesive of the sensor adhesive, although I avoid the very middle. I get a good coat on it, then I let it get tacky before I apply it to my skin. Then I let it sit and make sure it’s dry on my arm before I snap a sensor in it.

But we all seem to have differences sometimes, I still see some people that say the sensor is already hard to get off without applying anything extra. It was ready to fall off of me without anything used with it by day 2.

PS It doesn’t need protection from water.

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I think the key to long sensor placement is in thorough site cleaning. I can easily get 10 days of secure sensor duration and recently had a sensor remain intact for 20 days using the cleaning method below.

I prepare each CGM site using a wash cloth with soap and hot water. I thoroughly rinse and rub dry with a clean towel so that the skin turns slightly red.

Once I apply the sensor, I firmly press down on top of the adhesive fabric before painting Skin-Tac on top of the fabric with the built-in applicator. It’s important to dry the Skin-Tac thoroughly before flexing the skin under the fabric. I use a fan and have used a hair dryer on low to do this.

This method rarely fails me but if it does, I use the Dexcom over-patch.

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I put the iv3000 on my skin and put in the sensor on top of it. It creates a very secure anchor. It also prevents adhesive from getting into your site. Putting things on top of the sensor always cause irritation for me.

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This is not advertised, you just have to know. Its one of those secret diabetes club rules, I guess. You can call and get more whenever you need them. If they wont send them to you, let us know. Any one of us could order them and ship to you. They arrive in an envelope. I have some sitting right here.

Nope. As long as the transmitter is locked in place atop the sensor, it will be waterproof - just like when you shower. You should not remove the transmitter when everything is wet because you can get water damage that way. It is NOT waterproof when the transmitter is not snapped in place.

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Dexcom overpatches work fine for everyday use.

If I am going swimming or doing water sports, I need the expression Meds patches. Those are tougher.

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Here link for free US overpatch. Can be ordered every 30 days, 10 patches per order.


If you get stuck on hold for tech support, the recording tells you how to get the overpatches.

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Thank you for your offer. That’s very kind. I’m sure I can purchase some here so that shouldn’t be necessary but thanks.

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