Skipping breakfast leads to higher spikes at lunch and dinner?

“Very little was known regarding the effect of skipping breakfast on the health of diabetics – until now. A new Tel Aviv University study reveals the substantial impact of skipping breakfast on type-2 diabetics. “Fasting” until noon triggers major blood sugar spikes (postprandial hyperglycemia) and impairs the insulin responses of type-2 diabetics throughout the rest of the day, researchers say.”

from this article


Not true for me. I always skip breakfast as part of my “intermittent fasting” plan. Depending upon what my morning blood sugar is, I take a small amount of fast acting to cover while lantus kicks in, and don’t see any type of abnormal blood sugar spike after lunch or dinner. I do have type 1, though. Not sure why that would make a difference, but I do see the study is specific to type 2.

Yes but your dosing insulin…I suspect that most of the study is about T2’s on oral drugs or diet control. Your covering your spike buy injecting some fast acting insulin. If I skip breakfast I usually end up using as much correction insulin before lunch as I would have if I had bloused for a breakfast meal…YMMV

I was going to say something pertaining to skipping breakfast until I read the part about T2, so I have to bow out. (It would be nice if T2’s not knowing much or anything about T1 issues would do the same ! :slight_smile: j/k There are so many differences between the various types–I don’t even know how many distinct types of diabetes there are but I know it’s more than 5.

that’s a good point. i am going to see if i can find the original study and get that answer since i don’t take insulin.

i’m pretty sure that the type 2’s were not on insulin as at the end of the article it said: “The researchers are planning to conduct a similar study on type-1 diabetics, who require daily insulin treatment.”

i found the abstract, but my limited science background means i only understood the part about insulin peaking earlier for lunch and dinner if breakfast was eaten. if breakfast was skipped, insulin peaked later leaving the individual with high bg’s for a longer period of time. i am interested in the idea that our pancreas may predict how much insulin we need before we eat, based on previous recent meals, not necessarily based on what we are eating at the moment. i first heard about this from art de vany. that’s why i was interested in a previous post about the effect of daytime bg fluctuations on night time bg fluctuations and the resulting quality of sleep … of which mine in poor :>( …here is the abstract. for those who understand more of it, please post if you see anything interesting.
"Insulin peaked higher and earlier at 30 min after Lunch in the Yes Breakfast group vs at 60 min after Lunch in the No Breakfast group…"

intermittent fasting (like not eating breakfast) might work for people regulate glucose well either because they are not diabetic or they know how to mimic a working pancreas at least fairly well using exogenous insulin.

I agree, for me I can’t skip my first meal for sure, bg goes crazy and dp which I have most of the time never gets in control.

meee, do you take insulin in the morning? any medications?

I’m type 1 and on a pump so on insulin. I have dp when I get up and if I don’t eat right away it gets out of control and messes up my whole day. On some days though I can drop a lot, it’s never guarantied.

i am T1D. every morning whether i am hungry or not i make myself 3 eggs for breakfast w/ 1 c of coffee. at noon, i make myself tuna salad; later in the afternoon i have 2 spoons of peanut butter, and then, before 6pm, i eat dinner (generally i cook fish or chicken…any kind of solid protein). i find that the regularity of my meals helps keep my BGs steady throughout the day, w/ the exception of those odd-ball days where nothing has a rhyme or a reason and i go high or low (stress, etc). i really believe that this type of management keeps me on track, not just w/ my D, but w/ other aspects of my life. i also think that it keeps my metabolism steady throughout the day and into the evening and through the night.