SLC and Provo Endo's

I have recently moved to Utah and am looking for a great Endo in the Provo/SLC area. I have not been given any suggestions from my previous Endo, and I would like to establish care. I know from previous experiences in other cities that finding a great Endo can be difficult and wanted to reach out to the forum to see what suggestions are out there. In other cities I have lived in not all Endo’s seem to know or care about T1D.

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Maybe start with this?

Or check for local ADA office in new city.

The site is only as good as the data, which is rather old. I checked a few providers, and they have either moved, retired, or changed practices.

I have no other health problems and see a CDE at intermountain Cottonwood clinic. I was diagnosed 11 years ago while on Medicare. I stay mostly in range. I can also email if I have a question. I’m on MDIs and have a CGM. To maintain my CGM Medicare eligibility I make my next appointment at my current appointment.

I was in a similar situation many years ago. I was using an insulin pump so I contacted the pump representative in the area where I was moving. He suggested two Endo’s — both exceptional.

Ron, that was going to be my idea as well.

I also live in Utah, though not close to SLC. I see a nurse/practitioner as my endo. I really like him. He is totally up-to-date about diabetes care. I haven’t seen an endocrinologist physician, nor felt I’ve needed one. I’m sure he’d refer me if he felt it was needed. I’ve had T1 since 1977 and am confident in my knowledge of diabetes care. I have a Tandem t-slim X2 with IQ Control

You may want to check the LoopandLearn website, they have a listing of recommended Endo’s from members there that use DIY Loop, iAPS, or Trio.

I’m half a state away on the other side of the Colorado border. We only have 1 Endo on the entire Western Slope, and quite frankly, they’re terrible. I don’t imagine your options are going to be much more plentiful over there. It’s a hazard of living in the sparsely populated west.

I literally just called around every clinic in my region and asked if they had anyone who treated T1 diabetics. I was able to find an internist who was willing to take me on and she’s been really wonderful.

I should have also commented you may want to find a doc (PCP or Endo) that will prescribed what you need and also contact IDS ( or similar that provides counseling from T1s for T1s. IDS is Gary Scheiner’s creation, but similar orgs may exist elsewhere.

BTW, @Robyn_H being in the east (I’m in Northern VA near DC) is no guarantee of nearby good Endo’s. I’ve been surprised at the lack of “team” offices (MD, NP, CDCES, Dietician), docs that really know their stuff about T1, etc. My moto is “Know and Be Your Own Advocate!”

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