Sleep Apnea and The Big D

The Whittier Inst. for Diabetes out in CA recently completed a study that showed nearly one out of three type 2 diabetics have sleep apnea. Count me in as one just not in the study.

18 million Americans have sleep apnea and many don't realize it. Nearly 20 million Americans have Type 2 Diabetes and many don't know it.

Treatment for sleep apnea has been shown to reduce blood sugars and reduce blood pressure. So conversely it contributes to those two big time-a dangerous combination.

Sleep apnea is the obstruction of airways causing sleep interruption often unnoticed until you can't stay awake at 730 am. Been there done that.

I am off to NM Mon am for a sleep test-been studying all weekend. This will be my second such study. Did one about '97 or so and was on a CPAP machine for nearly two years.

More next week after the sleep study.