Sleep Away Camp - Not Diabetes Camp

My daughter is a member of her school’s safety patrol. She’s one of the student crossing guards. The big reward for doing this job is that they get to go to summer camp, all expenses paid, for four days. Well that’s all fine and good, but they’ve either got a nurse or an EMT there at all times. ANd while that may be fine if you scrape your knee or even break an arm, I’m not real comfortable with it for my daughter’s diabetes care. We’ve been to family diabetes camp, and I’d send her there by herself in a heart beat. But maybe because of my experience with school nurses, with whom I’m less than impressed, I’m concerned.

The police officer in charge of this event did reply to my emailed questions, in a very reassuring manner. He’ll have my girl talk to the kitchen staff and he alluded to them being able to give her carb counts, which I highly doubt, but at least they’ll be aware of our need for them. And he also said that either the nurse or the camp counselor would test her in the middle of the night if I state I want that done on my paperwork, I will. Again I’m a little doubtful, but give him credit for letting me know that it’s a possibility.

She is going with some of her friends, and they are well aware of her diabetes. She also knows I’m nervous and want her to test OFTEN. If she’s on her own without anyone bugging her, she’d probably test four times a day, right before every meal. Now we test probably 8 - 10 times per day. I’m nervous as hell. I’m going to let her do this because I don’t want her missing out on anything because of her diabetes, but this is going to be hell.

I have no idea how we’re going to deal with an infusion site change. My husband will probably have to drive up there to do one in the middle of camp. Probably a good idea anyway so that he can show whoever is medically in charge there how it’s done. If there was a wildfire and she got evacuated they’d have to deal with it. I’ll send an information packet in addition to the minimal medical questionaire that came with the sign up paperwork. And to their credit they have had kids with diabetes up there before. Last year the officer told me there were three kids who came through, one of them being fairly recently diagnosed. So I’m hoping things will be ok, but of course I’m going to worry.

Give me strength.

Good luck. Scary stuff!

Good luck.
How long has she been diabetic, and I am guessing that she is in the 4th or 5th grade.

If she has done this for a while, and if you are only about 1 hour away, I’d suggest letting her get the experience of being in charge of her disease.

I became diabetic when I was 5 years old, by 11 I was camping without my parents. A few episodes of high BG, but nothing fun.

She was diagnosed at 6 yo, she’s almost 11, she’s very responsible and can count carbs and the pump will calc the doses. It’s mostly an issue of her being so far away (about 1 - 2 hours away) and me just worrying. I’m absolutely going to let her do it. I just don’t have a lot of confidence in the support staff so she’ll be pretty much on her own.

Good for you! I am sure you have given her the skills to succeed, but it is still so brave of you. As a parent it is such a tight rope you walk between wanting your child to be in a safe controlled environment, and wanting you child to be “just like everyone else”. I hope I am that strong when the time comes.