Sleep Study Test

I was diligent and studied my butt off for the darned thing but still flunked it.

If you have ever had one you know how much fun they are. If you haven't had one chances are about 1/3 if you are over 60 and have diabetes that you will have one. I don't want to give you the answers but here are some hints.

Bring a good book. Once it is your turn to get wired up about 930 or so they attach (in my case) 20 probes to various parts of my body. I mean all over the place.

You end up looking like the bionic man with wires coming out all over. Then they want you to go to sleep-huh. Give me a break. And on camera too.

Oh yeah I forgot the probe on the end of your index finger for measuring your pulse and oxygen levels.

Sleep apnea for those who don't know is sleep interrupted by blockages in the airways that cause you to wake up several times during the night only you don't even know it. It is potentially life threatening. It causes blood pressure and blood sugar level increases.

The quality of sleep for someone with sleep apnea sucks (not a medical term). You wake up and can't stay awake. Your energy is non existant. You are basically no fun to be with.

You can see how dangerous this is for someone, for example, who drives for a living. Falling asleep at the wheel of a car or truck is a scary thing. For anyone with a job that doesn't have nap times it is a bummer.

Much of sleep apnea is hereditary. Some isn't. If you lose weight (there's that damn W word again) it really helps.

www.diabetesinfoforyou has more info.