Sleeping disorder

once in 7-10 days i suffer from sleeping disorder, i remain awake for the whole night , Is it also due to D.
some time if my sleep is disturb due to hypo at night, then also for rest of life i remain sleepless. it is not due to that I do not do physical work , instead I remain very active for whole day and also play hard game for 1 hour daily

i have insomnia and the doc told me my blood sugar affects it. and without a doubt not sleeping affects your blood sugar.

Ravinder, be careful if you take Benadryl Allergy. It can dehydrate you. Also it can make you groggy if you take it to late. Just my experience with it. As Lucile said check with your Dr. Do you do any meditation before bedtime? This helps me. Clears my mind.

Insomia is common for people who has stress or anxiety (and other factors like noise, pain, medications, drinking, etc) And managing diabetes is stressful sometimes (whether your own or a love one). There’s not just one treatment that is recommended and it may be long term or short term treatment too. There are several ways: Relaxation therapy wherein a person’s mind is placed to ease and muscles to relax, Another is Bright Light Therapy wherein it involves bright light and sleeping schedules and body clocks. Another is Mind conditioning wherein person is being reconditioned to associate bed and bedtime with sleep There are pills too…but there may be side effects.
If insomnia is effecting the quality of life, talking to your physician is advised.
Hope this helps a bit. =) I wish you well…