Insomnia meds. and Hyperglycemia

For the past year I’ve had a major issue with insomnia since my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung and back cancer in Sept. 2016… I have been a Type 1, insulin dependent, juvenile diabetic for 60 years. Diagnosed in 1957 at age 9 and presently on a Medicare, a Medtronic Mini-Med pump with a Dexcom CGM. I have been seeing a psychologist and psychiatric nurse practitioner who prescribed Ambien, Sonata, and Temazepam and all three created hyperglycemia to the point where my basil literally doubled at night for a good 7-8 hours once I took the pill. Lunesta has been working wonderfully for the past three months, with no hyperglycemia, but now it is losing its effectiveness. I have followed all of the behavior modifications that are suggested to cure insomnia to no success, including Benadryl, Melatonin and Valerian I was wondering if any other long-term Type 1 diabetic’s have had any success with an insomnia med. that does not cause hyperglycemia.

Wow I must say, I felt relieved reading your story because it sounds very similar to mine. I’m getting so frustrated with my insomnia. I don’t know if it’s related to my diabetes, my age (I’m 62 years old), my mild sleep apnea (so says this sleep disorder doctor- which I’m scheduled for a CPAP device in 2 weeks), my mental state (another test?) or something physical (although all my lab test are normal, A1C 6.9-7.0).

I’ve been using over the counter stuff for over a year now but it became ineffective so I went to my primary doctor who sent me to the sleep clinic for sleep apnea testing. In the mean time I received xanex. This worked for awhile. Then my NP gave me Benadryl prescription (forget the name) - didn’t like the next day effects. Tried Ambien from sleep doctor while waiting for my health insurance to improve the CPAP. This worked nicely except the dosage wore off and the doctor wouldn’t increase it. Insteased he put me on Belsomra - still new. In the mean time I told the sleep doctor I was hesitant going on the CPAP.

“Another device to hooked up to my body (pump & CGM now), I don’t want another one for a mild case of sleep apnea. Plus my issue is getting to sleep!” This doctor said I was being dramatic. HA, you never say that to a type 1 diabetic. I nearly walked out!