Sleeping Habits And Your Blood Glucose

As some people on Tudiabetes may know, I have not been a known diabetic very long, Ive had it long but didn’t know it. So I have a question, can your sugar levels be affected by sleeping habits? When my sleeping schedule is messed up it seems as if my sugar level goes higher, but when my schedule is normal, my BG levels are fine.

Sometimes I experience higher #'s after sleeping later than usual or napping, but not always.

I’ve noticed just about anything will affect my blood sugar levels. Full moon, high tide, blue moon, its cold, its humid, its warm, its Wednesday. Somedays there is no rhyme or reason, I just go with it, keep it in check and move on. Stress is horrible on blood sugars.

Yea, what everyone says. I have a bad night’s sleep, and I can be sure my morning numbers will be up. Sometimes 10 or 15 points. Don’t sweat it, things even out when you get up and start your daily routine.

Totally. When I don’t sleep well my Bg is up, but did I not sleep well because it was rising or the other way around?

This is an interesting question? On the other hand, diabetes is tough enough to cope with when we are awake, so don’t go muddying the waters with logic and intelligent questions. lol!


Maybe just me but it seems to me that just about anything will make my bs crazy. Moon position, wind direction, a butterfly flapping it’s wings in Africa, etc…ROFLOL

As an obstetrician, I spend many nights awake! Most times it’s better for me to run out at 3 am to do one delivery and then come back to bed than it is to be called every 20 minutes on the phone all night without having to get out of bed. My numbers are guaranteed to make no sense whatsoever after a crappy night on call. For the past 4 years, I have been taking the day off after being on call. It takes me that long to recover from call now. I can tell you what nights I’ve been up just from looking at the log book. I swing from high to low like crazy. Last day on call ranged from 51 to 287. My doctor doesn’t even “count” those days! I just micromanage and test, test, test. Fortunately, there are six of us, so I am not on call as often as I used to be. Sleep deprivation definitely has an impact on my glucose metabolism.

haha high tide that’s funny…i’m going to use that for my excuse sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue:

most definately!! for me i take my lantus in the am so if i get it as soon as i get up i’m going to have different outcomes if one morning i get up at 7am and another 10am. this happens often because i get up at 5am for work but LOVE sleeping in on my days off until 10 or so. to get pass this i just take my lantus at 10am everyday, no matter what. since i have been doing that my numbers tend to stay the same through the whole week no matter when i get up or how much sleep i got.

I find even if I sleep the same amount for a whole week my numbers are all over the chart too. My favorite is I get a high number and quite figure out why so I re-test and it is still high so I stress over why it is high then I get an even higher number, so I bolus to bring it down but can’t figure out what I did wrong, so I try to relax but can’t my numbers climb, … vicious circle !

I normally wake up right around 85, which is great thanks to my pump, but the other morning, I went to bed around 3 and got up four hours later and did this three days in a row and on the third morning, my BS was 270. I totally agree and say that it does!

When I pull all-nighters, I become quite insulin resistant. So I have to increase the amount of insulin when I am very sleep deprived.

Lack of sleep can cause insulin resistance, so I try to get at least 7 hours a night. If my sugars are high or low, I do not sleep well or at all.

Another one with a yes, even as little as 7 hours of sleep raises my levels for the day.

It sucks.