After Dinner....High...Fasting High

I have been using the Omnipod system for a few weeks. I like it but I have been having problems getting my BG’s back down after I had a cheat day…Yep, I said it a Cheat Day. I went to Quiznos last night, I had 2 Sammies and a side salad w/ ranch dressing; boy was it good. I gave myself some Juice (insulin) and I did an extended bolus but it didn’t work. I went to bed w/ my Bg’s at 170. I gave myself a correction bolus of 1.40. I went to bed, this morning my fasting was 114…Grrrr!!! I need a break from saying no, I can’t have that it’s too many carbs…lol I am going to have to step away from my cheat day. I am going to have to go to the old me; but when I do that my Endo says I am being to hard on myself, he says it isn’t healthy. LOL…I think Diabetes is like people, it doesn’t like to be cheated on.
On the other hand I may not be extending my insulin long enough…maybe I need to put it at 2 hrs instead of one; another lesson learned.


Have a happy Memorial Day!

Hi Cherise - one other thing you may want to look at is re-adjusting your insulin-to-carb ratio. Maybe this will help. I have never used the extended bolus option. I haven’t found a situation where it might be useful yet. Maybe I will some day. I have been on the Pod since April 8 and have had to adjust my ratio three times. I think that it’s right now! Good luck!

thank you! I am going to try that tomorrow! I didn’t think about that!

“I think Diabetes is like people, it doesn’t like to be cheated on”.
Now I am going to have to use that, with your permission of course. lol.