Slightly high sugars this morning

So, I ate a few more carbs than usual on New Year’s Eve… It was a party after all! I monitored my sugars closely, even checked before going to bed… and the very next morning, my fasting BG was 92, which is not bad. All day, yesterday, things were fine and normal. I didn’t feel much hunger at all, throughout my day, so I didn’t even have any snacks. My last meal yesterday, was around 5:30 pm or so.

Now, this morning, my usual breakfast postprandial BG (after 75 min) was 160! I have never had any problems at all with my BG after eating two slices of whole wheat toast, and two eggs. Could this be my New Year’s Eve snacking coming back to haunt me? Or is it that I didn’t have an evening snack last night? Sometimes, I have to have a snack, or I’ll get these headaches, and wake up around 3 am, thirsty as can be… I don’t take any medications, or insulin shots, and I just do diet and exercise. I know many folks are on a low carb diet, and can’t handle certain amounts of carbs, but this has never been an issue with me, with just 30 g of whole wheat toast. Any thoughts?

What I did Lizmari was a 7 day postprandial study to see how I am doing. Have you been seeing a steady rise prior to these numbers? Your two pieces of toast may have to be adjusted here as you are not covering what you are eating with your own insulin. Are these snack cravings carb cravings in disguise? Also hows your A1C? That extreme thirst in the middle of the night is concerning. You could be running a lot higher than you think you are.

I would drill down more with your Dr as to what you can do and some additional tests too such as your Thyroid etc. Best of luck…I am sure you will get some other good posts here too.

Hi Lizmari,

What you ate New Year’s Eve wouldn’t effect you this morning.

Have you tested when you wake up at 3 AM with headaches & thirsty?

Well, no, my other numbers had been steadily decreasing over time and I rarely have any sugars higher than 120 after 2 hours, and had been getting numbers about that low, after 1 hour, as well. I had been doing ‘planned snacking,’ as part of my diet (not as a craving for carbs). I was diagnosed Nov 17th, so I really just have the one A1C, from when I got diagnosed, as not enough time has passed yet… I have hypothyroidism, as well, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I may have to cut back on carbs a little more, I don’t know.

Yeah, and it’s usually 95-85 at that time.

Typically, BG is at its lowest between 2-4 AM. I was wondering if the thirst & headache were due to high BG, but 85-95 is great. The 160 could be a fluke, tied to hormones, not enough sleep, getting ill, stress & a host of other things. Of course, if your readings consistently climb than lowering carbs (since you’re not on meds or insulin) will help a lot.

Yeah, it could be… I’m still gonna try cutting back a little more on carbs, anyway. Can’t hurt anything. lol

Are you about to start? Typically BGs rise a few days before, and plummet on the first day.

I’ll keep that in mind. I just tested it now, before lunch, and it’s 83…

I find that it is the type of carbs that gives me problems. I almost never eat toast anymore, whole wheat or otherwise.
Also 75 minutes seems to be a bit soon to test. I was told 120 minutes (2 hours) is the postprandial period… but follow your Dr.'s advice.

I do notice that after I’ve indulged in the wrong carbs several things happen.

  1. I crave sugar and carbs more.
  2. It takes a couple days for the spike to make its way through my system. (last night, mine was 216 before bed, this morning fasting was 160) But I had a full sugar brownie last night as desert.
  3. I get dehydrated more easily but never seem thirsty.

Drink lots of tea or water today. Eat “dinner salads” for a couple days (meaning if the main meal is tacos… make yours a big taco salad without the taco shell)

Good luck.

I test at 75 minutes, because that’s when I reach my peak… I want to see how high I go after a meal, sometimes. It’s advice one of our members gives on her Blood Sugar 101 site (…). It’s not the best for everyone, on their regime, but it was working well for me these last few weeks. It’s not horrifyingly high, I just don’t like it that high… especially because then it becomes harder to be at 120 or less, after 2 hours. I just thought maybe you guys had some input on it, and so far, I’ve gotten what I wanted… a lot of good ideas to follow up on. :slight_smile:


One other thing I was thinking about todayLizmarie is the accuracy of your meter. These meters are not hard science and are as only as good as thier test strips. I know there are posts out there on having two meters and that it will drive you crazy with two of them but it does give me a guide and piece of mind. Often they are close and sometimes they are 30 points differnce.

You may also want to consider the Bayer home A1C testing. Its roughly 100 bucks for a year, or 10 bucks a test. I test every month on a certain date. Then I can see the “forest” on my monthly diet and how its going. All I know from my research the less spike after meals the better for you.

Yeah, that is very true… I use a Breeze2, which hasn’t given me too many problems with point difference (about 10-15 points), but I used to use a One Touch Ultra Mini, and that was way over 30 points off, most of the time. I was considering getting the A1C one. Thanks for reminding me of that. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s because it’s 2010! Kidding. But my BG was 146 at 6AM and I was hot and sweaty all night. Maybe in sympathy for you.

hahahaha I like that, Kathyann :slight_smile: lol!

I overate New Year’s Eve, also but I had 3 glasses of wine. I woke up with the lowest bg yet- 94, WOW but the next couple of days I had trouble with my numbers. I am a low carber so any bread tends to spike me. Yesterday my daughter made some healthy muffins but put wheat flour in them. I had a few mini muffins and boy did my bg spike.

Yeah… I’ve been considering making some muffins with wheat flower, but also supplementing them with resistant starch, as this spikes up the insoluble fiber content, and reduces the net carb count. I’m not sure yet how I will go about it, but when and if I do, I will let you know. lol Red wine… can be good for the short run. But it can also, accidentally, get people into a hypo episode if they are not careful. I would probably limit wine consumption to one serving.

I’ve also changed the type of bread I was eating – I guess I was just lazy and got regular whole wheat bread, instead of going to a far away store (that I need to walk to, or take the bus) to purchase. The Brownberry multi grain bread is amazing, and has extremely low carbs. I believe 6 net grams per slice. It lets me have two slices of toast in the morning. :slight_smile: Thanks for your input.