Smash -a- Meter

Life isn’t just about numbers. Type 1 kids have to do what they need to do to stay health. This includes mentally healthy.

Join me in breaking a meter.

I don’t know, BadShoe. I understand the humor and all, but when IDF is begging for donations for the 1000 children in the 17 third world nations who don’t have access to insulin, test strips, meters, or lancets, driving over a meter for therapy and taking for granted how easily I can replace it makes me feel pretty wasteful.

Therapeutic? Of course! Better outlets for my stress about my juvenile diabetes? Certainly. Couldn’t we burn our logbooks instead?

Well I certainly thought about your point. The fact is we get free meters like crazy. we have two T1 kids on pumps who test a lot. And we give meters away where we can but the issues isn’t meters it is strips.

In point of fact we get the meters as loss leaders to try to get us to change strip brands. That is where the money is.

My experience is nobody wants a used medical device. New, in a box with strips I can find homes for them.

Used, no strips, may have some fun on the way to the land fill.


Of course if you have a video of the bonfire of the log books I would love to see it.

LOL - I’ll work on that