Snack Replacements

I miss crunchy, salty snacks. I used to have popcorn a lot. Not anymore. Corn chips with hot, salty, cheesy stuff on them, now your talking snacks. Now your speaking my language.

What can replace the good old days???

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Macadamia nuts are my go to but have you considered pork rinds? You can top them with anything you want (there are all sorts of ideas on the internet).

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Great. I’ve tried pork rinds before and forgot all about them. Almonds are my thing

But I like them to much.

I’ll give the rinds a try.

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Pork rinds yep! My son is the one who is diabetic but he hates them. I would totally become a pork rind addict if we had them around the house.

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I like baked chick peas (not no carb, but lower carb with protein & fiber).
Whisps are baked parmesan crackers (sold at Costco)–these can also be made at home.
Pumpkin seeds.
And yes, nuts!

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Try Edamame in the pod. A little salt or spice to taste. Yeah soy bean I know. And carb but mainly fibre. I don’t bolus for edamame.


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I just discovered Whisps a couple months ago—they are the most fantabulous quick-grab-it-low-carb-yummy-salty snack Ever!!!..

For years, lightly salted popcorn with a ton of butter has been another great non-sweet snack. If I don’t devour a humongous bowl all by myself, it still works–and being a butter junky, a small serving goes a long way…

For sweet treats…a square or two of super dark chocolate does the trick, or any of a gazillion different items made with a sugar substitute—unfortunately, those can fool you easily—either by cheating on the labelling, or stirring up the damn sweet tooth in a nasty way—LOL…Experiment and have lots of fun doing it—oh and keep good notes!

I’ll have to try Whisps.

I too was a huge fan of popcorn back in the day.

I still treat myself to the occasional piece of 70% chocolate.


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