The Top 23 Low Carb Snacks

Here are the top 23 favorite low-carb snacks as they appear on another diabetes site. Do you have any to add?

Peanut butter
Cheddar cheese
String cheese
Cottage cheese
Broccoli with melted cheese
Salad with free veggies and low-carb dressing
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Celery with peanut butter
Fresh berries with low-fat plain yogurt
Veggies with hummus
Cucumbers with olive-oil and rice vinegar
Carrot sticks
Snap peas with Caesar dressing
Radishes with tzatziki
Green beans cooked and cooled with lemon juice
Sautd Spinach

Rotisserie chicken
Deli meat
Pepperoni and cheese
Beef jerky
Hard boiled eggs

More resources about low carb snacks and recipes for people with diabetes:
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ooohhh, these look yummy! I am trying to add more stuff to my diet that has flax seeds in it so I am going to try these out!

It is strange but I will give them another try. I really do like them alot so maybe the Jim Beam BBQ will be less weird in my system…

it may sound kind of nasty put pickles with shredded cheese is awesome & low in carbs !

COOL WHIP, it goes good with the jello

Kind of?

NO, that is DELICIOUS, a little chunk of cheese and pickles are great!

I love pickles and I love cheese…but…really?

I love flavored sunflower seeds, particularly the David brand Ranch and Dill Pickle. I eat those daily.

I love those 100 calorie packs of microwave kettle corn. They are so good and about 20 carbs, which isn’t that bad for kettle corn.
And I have to second the celery with peanut butter. That is my absolute favorite food, but you have to be careful about it because peanut butter is soo so fattening.

Hi Richard… Thanks for the list – I’m printing it out and putting it on the side of my fridge – Not only are carbs & fat a concern but also salt … We don’t salt anything, and use no salt margarine but I still find it hard to stay under the recommended 2400 mg daily maximum intake so I must watch the salt content also. Have a great day! Gail L

Mm porkgrinds! lol, i didnt kno they were low carb tho…

I like it with cheddar cheese


So many items in this list are high in sodium. That’s another important thing to watch, along with carbs.

The recommended sodium intake for PWDs with high blood pressure (anything over 130/80 mmHG) is only 1,500 mg/day. 2,400 mg/day is for people without high blood pressure. Most American adults consume a whopping 4,000-6,000 mg/day.

True, not many people successfully match the lower target, but any reduction in sodium is good (lower blood pressure, reduce risk of blood vessel complications, protect your heart, eyes, kidneys)

My vote goes to 2% Greek yogurt, 8 grams carb per 7 oz., 65 mg sodium.

Yes, olives. Mmmm…

Oh yes!
Pickles + cheese
Olives + cheese
Broccoli + cheese
Cauliflower + cheese

(get the drift…)

To think that before I was diabetic, I didn’t like cheese. Glad that I got over that one!!

Greek yogurt (or just plain yogurt) + cocoa + sweetner = about 6-8g. Love it!!

Unfortunately all, pork rinds are high fat. They are pig skins FRIED in oil!!! I don’t think I care to add that to my diet regularly because, even if they don’t have effects, they sure do add to the fat in the diet.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI


I find plain nonfat yogurt disgusting. But, add thawed frozen fruit, vanilla to taste, and cinnamon. Oh, and Splenda or something like that. YUM! I used to buy the 32oz. container and make a whole bunch at one time.

Lois La Rose
Milwlaukee, WI