Munchies and Cravings

Greetings my fellow diabetics!
I'm curious to know what you go for when a mad case of munchies strikes? I wouldn't dare reach my little hand into a bag of chips or down a slice of cake, so I have come up with some creative alternatives over the years. Now I'm wondering: What's your vice?
For salt cravings I usually eat a hand full of nuts or maybe some popcorn. Wheat Thins and I have also become close friends. For chocolate cravings, I make chocolate milk (sugar free chocolate syrup) or hot cocoa (also sugar free) although sometimes, I savor a small hand full of semi-sweet chocolate chips... weird? yes. but delicious.
Your turn!

I would agree with you on the nuts (macadamia my favoritee), to adddd probably soy milks, coffee, fresh blueberries?

[as I'm typing, I realized i might not have been snacking probably] whoops. Probably best I follow this and check my alternatives out!

Planter's pistachio grove. Lately, I've been hitting pork rinds too.

yep pork rinds, or pork crackle as we call them here in Aus. But the other night i ate 5 oreos and about 6 muffins. Had to drag the needle out for that lil effort!

Some things I would snack on...but I rarely snack.

Babybel cheese,laughing Cow cream cheese, string cheese.

Peanut butter and celery sticks.

Almonds, walnuts, pecans

Canned chicken, Sardines King Oscar or Beach Cliff with hot sauce, Tuna or smoked salmon.

Any kind of lunch meat wrapped in a low carb tortilla.

Anything with the word berries in it.

Celery with raw almond butter, nuts, frozen berries, a cup of almond milk (low carb), string cheese, few squares of 70% dark chocolate. I try to stay away from any chemically processed sugar free foods.

Celery with handground peanut butter (only peanuts in it); half a square of unsweetened baking chocolate (guaranteed you won't immediately go back for more). Oh, and I also do well with a little no sugar jello and a couple of tablespoons of cream, mix it all up like a chiffon. A hard boiled egg can be a snack, too.

I hear ya. freaking love oreos!

Pork rinds! Thats a new one, I would never have thought of that

I love to snack on celery and peanut butter. String cheese is a good go to for salty stuff for me. I found a really good dark chocolate covered coffee bean to help me with my chocolate cravings. Sounds weird but really delicious

Oh goodness. Chips is my weakness. So I treat myself over the weekends.
Other than that nuts, baby carrots.

Sounds good! I recently discovered dark chocolate covered goji berries and I love them!

Beef jerky!

Pistachios in the shell--takes longer to eat 'em.
Veggies & dip
Baked tofu
Very dark chocolate
Single-serve package of Terra chips
Kale chips
flavored soy nuts
Very small, very good (& expensive) cookies--one is satisfying.