Snap Strong and Simple Challenge

Hey Insulin Pump Users,

The good people at Asante Solutions - maker of the Snap pump - just started a program called "Snap Strong and Simple", and are generously rewarding members of TuDiabetes for participating in it!

They're asking people who either use the Snap pump or have at least tried it to create and share a short video answering these questions:

  1. How has living with diabetes made you a stronger person?
  2. How has the Snap Pump made your life more simple?

For each video submitted to this project, Asante will give a $25 donation to Diabetes Hands Foundation - the organization behind TuDiabetes.

Learn more about how to participate here.

do they have an official twitter account? (asante snap) or an official hashtag?

I can't find one swiss, but I did RT manny's tweet about it

I'm pretty sure they don't. They're trying to be really careful and conscious about their social media presence, and haven't braved twitter much yet :)

I think that this is great or a good gesture by Asante and I think their pump would be great if we Medicare seniors could have it, but I am sure that it will be treated like the OmniPod and not covered by Medicare anytime soon. What I do not understand is why other pump companies or why Asante didn't design their pumps to hold prefilled cartridges just like Asante Snap, but built it as one device. Asante left the tube but separated the pump and and the control. I am sure it is a money issue, but it screwed the senior on Medicare again. Thanks a lot.

Sorry for this somewhat negative post, but I an sick of being treated like a second class diabetic citizen