Asante Snap pump ads-- your opinions, please!

A couple months ago, I tried out the new Asante Snap insulin pump. At the end of my test drive I wrote a blog about my opinion, which you can read here, if you would like. Manny (founder of TuDiabetes) also did a live interview with Mark Estes, CEO of Asante, which you can watch here.

I thought their pump was pretty cool, and I like their approach. It's a small company that aims to be personable, know-able, and acutely responsive to customer feedback. Having dealt with the medical industry for my whole life, frequently feeling lost and confused by it, I really like this approach.

The folks at Asante asked me to post their latest set of ads and ask for community opinions. I love it when "industry" wants to know what people with diabetes think about their work, so I was happy to oblige. Here are three videos they created. What do you think? They want your feedback, so check them out, answer the super quick survey, and give any comments you may have.

Fill out the survey here!

I didn't see a survey, but the ads were well put together and unique in a good way.

I enjoyed the ads, and am very interested in this pump. Like Denise, I did not see a survey to fill out. The ad to "try before you buy" was a chuckle and I will take Snap up on the offer.

I like all three adds and think this style of advertising is a good way for gaining my attention as well as others with diabetes. It focuses on the Snap features that do make a difference compared to many other pumps and not just the "market leader." I tried the 30 day Free Snap trial wear and liked the device so much I made a switch to it. I've worn all the other pumps currently on the market and I especially like so many of the Snap features and ease of use. The High contrast screen is so much easier to use indoors, at night and in direct sunlight than all the other products. I love how light it is and how easy it is to run with. The 300 unit glass pen cartridges are really nice and convenient and make changing the cartridge take 30 seconds. The company is focused on the product and the patient and that has been a great step up for me. The best way to learn about new products is to try them so I would encourage anyone to give it a test run. Happy Pumping

I doubt I would consider a new pump without incorporated cgm. I know animas ia about to release one with a dex sensor and of course minimed has one with better sensors now.
I just cant imagine moving to a pump without it. I have 3 years left on my current pump, so I am certain there will be at least a few that have the combined technologies by then.