Sneaks up on you, doesn't it?

So Day 4 of my son starting his new Kindergarten and I’m rushing around this morning. BS was 116, took my usual 6 units of Lantus. Right before we walk out the door (so Zach won’t be late!) I see white spots and realized I was having a low. Where did that come from?? I check the BS again and I’m 62 all the sudden. Slamming some apple juice down I’m hoping I get better along the drive to school and feel better. Ok, made it to school. Get to work and eat my breakfast and get out my Humalog for my breakfast shot and my insulin pen has 1 unit left in it! What the heck!? Great, now I’ve had breakfast AND apple juice and now NO insulin! So, I wait until lunch, drive all the way home and get my new Humalog pen. Goodness sakes! What a diabetic morning it was. I was proud of myself for taking time out (although a bit rushed) to correct my “up and down” blood sugars. Some times maybe I need to slow down? :slight_smile: This one just snuck up on me!

Yes, it happens! When life is rushing by, it’s hard to slow down and make sure your blood sugar is OK. Hope that Kindergarten is going well!!!

It could be that we get caught with a low on a busy morning because we are running around using up energy, (like an exxercize routine), and don’t realize how much we are actually burning through at the time, until we literally see “spots”. lol Yes, i have been there and as you say it is always when you have the least amount of time to correct it. Good luck and how is the son liking the kindergarten thing?