Hi again

Thanks to everyone for their kind encouragement! We are doing well but still very challenged with chasing numbers. I thought by now it would be easy.
My daughter (now 8) has had the Omnipod for about 10 months. We really like it and its use has gotten easier. By far fewer failed pods, etc., now. Still, I don’t think we have it set perfectly or something. I guess I need to call my CDE nurse again. It’s just daunting to do so, b/c we can be so unstructured (meal time, etc.) that I don’t know what’s wrong or how to expect her to figure it out! My dr. has given me the indication that it’s okay if her meals are not like clockwork, now that she is on the pump. But trying to troubleshoot is harder b/c of our crazy schedules.
We home school, so she is not subject to all the same routines she’d be as a child going to school. On the flip side, if she has a bad night she is able to sleep in without missing school, and I don’t have to trust her care to someone at school, so to me those are very good things! Guess I need to get our schedules more structured to figure things out better.
Today has been a good day with more in the 100’s, but all days are not like that. I want so badly to have her sugars more stable!
Thanks again for the warm welcome.
Dee Dee

Hi Dee Dee:

Glad that you seem to have a handle on the numbers more of the time. Little by little it will come in line. I’ve got to watch my numbers a lot more closely again. I know my a1C is going to be through the roof on the next go-round. But maybe I can throw myself on the mercy of the DR!!!

Hugs and kisses to your little one and a big hug to youj!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Thanks, Lois.
Her a1C was worse this last time. I was hoping to regain our ground and get back down in the direction it was headed a few months ago. She wants to go to sleepover, too, which is challenging b/c Mom is just about always checking her sugars in the night. So we have to think that one through : )
It’s always something…but I am thankful to God that she is here & basically healthy and I have her here to check.
Her dr. recommended that I look into a CGM. But I hear they are pretty expensive & not so covered by insurance? I haven’t really checked it out yet.

Thanks so much to all for your help : )