So BCBS decided to stop covering all test strips except onetouch


Prior to using the G5, I used 17 strips per day, on average, for over a decade. Once I got the G5, my strip usage quickly dropped to around 4 per day. Cost is a non issue for me, as Dexcom ships free strips with my Medicare order.


Same happened to me this past spring. My pharmacist wrote a letter to insurance saying I had to have the Contour strips because my meter communicated with my pump. They approved it for about 18 months. I assume I’ll have to fight it again at that point. I still have to pay the higher copay.


Mine too. It was like that for a couple of years. And I’d buy them off amazon, because I was only approved for 2 per day and they told me to just calibrate with them and use one touch the rest of the time. When I switched Endo they worked some vudu magic that my employee insurance liaison and I couldn’t with UHC. They are covered now, finally. :blush: