Independence Blue Cross PA - One Touch/AccuCheck no longer covered

Sort of a vent and some information for others in the area…

I just got info from my insurance company…As of 10/1/09 they will no longer cover One Touch or AccuCheck meter’s and test strips!

They included vouchers for a new meter from their preferred brands…Bayer and Abbott…which is fine, I guess…but I have NEVER liked Abbott meters and have never used a Bayer meter.

But this means I’ll no longer be able to use my OneTouch Ultra Link?! UGH, I am extremely frustrated. One Touch, has for a very long time, been the most preferred brand by insurance companies! What the heck happened?!

And my larger frustration is that we have to fight at every turn to make choices regarding our care and now they are taking them away!!

I also have BCBS–and will be quite perturbed if they try not to cover the ulta-link strips—I hate filking appeals–but this certainly would be one I will file

does BCPA cover your drugs too? or does a company like medco contract for your drug coverage. If so check you drug coverage formulary. I have BCBS IL and some coverage overlaps (with medco who contracts for drug coverage) like meters and pump supplies. So I pick and choose how I file depending on how I will get the best deal and choice. I was able to get my cmg thru medco before BCBS would offer it. Just a thought. I hope you can find away to get your treatment of choice.

Stacy, I used the Bayer Breeze 2 for my first 6 months, my insurance quit covering strips for it, and liked it quite well, it has a magazine of 10 test strips inside. I also found the larger size easier to hold. I have the Abbott Freestyle at the moment, just watch for the strip name, there are freestyle and freestyle lite test strips and they are not interchangeable.

Disgusting. One hopes they will inform us what they WANT us to use instead???

There are lots of BCBS variations, subtlities you’re not an HMO plan correct? Its a PPO plan…?


Actually, I do have an HMO…I dont mind the referrals, all of my docs are in network and the costs are very very low.

An interesting note on this - I just got an email from the CDE at my docs office, they are also fighting this on out behalfs which is wonderful to hear. And the way she described the situation this is an issue with perscription coverage - if we get our strips through a DME supplier or say, directly from Medtronic - those of us that use the OneTouch UltraLink meter…it wont effect us?!

Oh, so confused! But definitely writting a very strongly worded letter to BC!!