First time for everything! "Gusher!" and the craziness to follow

Hello everyone. Well I had a crazy night last night. I had to change out my pod. It was located on the back of my right arm. When I pulled it out there was blood on the pod and my arm felt wet! I tried to look and there was blood just flowing from the cannula hole. Anyway so i grabed some paper towels and applied pressure and it just would not stop bleeding! So my wife sat me down and was holding pressure on it and then i felt it. I told her i am going down! The next thing I know I am on the floor my head is in her lap i am bleeding out of my nose, still bleeding out of the cannula hole. Wife on phone with 911! It was crazy!! So twice in the past i have had vagal responses to being injured and the sight of mass ammounts of my own blood. So I kind of knew why I passed out. But wow this was the first time the pod had ever bleed at all. I think i’ve seen on here people talking about “gushers” and I guess that’s what happened to me? And the vagal response to it was just my wussy body? Does this “gushing” happen often?? Anyone have this happen often? Been on the pump for 9 months so far and never even seen blood at all. Anyway just wanted to share my night and see if anyone else has had this happen and if so how often. Pumping has been great and I really want to continue but MAN! If that’s some of the risk might have to go back to MDI which i really don’t want to do. As for now just got a sore nose where i fell out of the chair and smacked my face on the floor! Thanks for listening. Oh yea I guess I wouldn’t be a “good” diabetic if I didn’t say when I came to I tested my BG and it was 80. So I knew it wasn’t a hypo.

I’ve had that happen a few times but I know now just to keep the pressure on it and it eventually stops. Leaves a huge bruise with me but if this happens again don’t take the paper off. Just keep pressure on it for 5 heck 10minutes if you have to. Now that you have passed out you may do this again so you def don’t want to be alone. Just sit and pressure. :o)
Maybe plan your changes around someone being with you.

Wow, I have never heard of a response quite like that! Sorry! My son has had only one gusher since being on the Pod (3 years, now). We just applied pressure for a few minutes and it stopped.

Hope this doesn’t keep you from pumping.

Ha! Sorry to laugh at your vagal response but that’s a little humorous :slight_smile: Glad you are alright though!

Yeah I’ve had a couple of these in my time of pumping (one or two w/ the pod and a few w/ infusion sets on a tubed pump in the past). I have also had it happen a couple times w/ shots (just hitting a vein when injecting) and it causes some bleeding. Just hold pressure for a bit (5 minutes-ish?) and it should clot eventually (if you take aspirin, plavix, or other anti-clotting drugs then it may take a bit longer).

If you’ve only had the 1 in 9 months, I’d say you’re good to go (hopefully you don’t get another one for at least another 9 months :wink:

Awwww… so sorry to hear all of that. I had those gushers a few times in the 4 years I’ve been on the pod. Sometimes the catheter creates suction when you take it off and it bleeds like crazy. I just had to apply pressure for a few minutes and it stopped. I freaked out the first time it happened but then after that it was no big deal except there’s so much blood. It hasn’t happened now for over a year so it’s rear occurrence. Hope it doesn’t happen to you again.

Welcome to the world of gushers. sorry to hear it went so bad.

Thanks guys. I guess if my body wasn’t such a wuss it really wouldn’t have been a big deal. Nice to hear that it happens but not very often. It definantly wasn’t any fun!

Only happened to me once in the 18 months that I’ve been on the pump. Happened at work right before a meeting with a high profile client, bled like crazy all over my shirt. I had to go and buy a new shirt and was late for the meeting.

Same thing happened to my daughter and she passed out from the sight of all of the blood! It happened on probably our 3rd ever Pod change. Now, at every Pod change, I sit there with a tissue in my hand and tell her that if we see any blood, I will “take over, apply pressure, remove the Pod myself, all while she closes her eyes!”

My son has been on it since April 09 and had only one belly gusher. He was doing his “show off … and make me squirm” thing where he just grabs the pod and rips it off his body leaving the white adhiesive behind trick… and this time… much to his own surprise… GUSH! yes… it had to have pressure to stop bleeding… He thought it was funny! GRRRR… I did not! He still just rips the pod off …says… then he can get the sticky part off better… I think gushers happen when you are near a vein that gets bumped when taking off… Probably just grossed you out more…sorry. But bottom line… he has only had it happen once in 2+ years.

Guess I’m late to the party but thought I’d share my experience too. Only happened once in the 9 years I’ve been pumping and with the Medtronic pump maybe my 3rd change…I totally freaked! Site was in my back upper thigh and squirted onto the bathroom mirror. Called my pump trainer who was a nurse and told her what happened and said I was going to pass out and just wanted someone to know!! hahaha; looking back I understand her saying, ‘ok, just apply pressure, you’re gonna be fine’. I always have a tissue ready when I change …just in case & have warned the hubby if he hears me screaming come to my rescue!!! Oh, the fun of being a diabetic ; ) I remember flatly refusing to give myself a shot when I was diagnosed 30 years ago…amazing what you can get used to doing. I recently helped an RN pull out a CGM she was afraid to remove…did I mention she is an RN!!!