So Glad to Finally see some beautiful Diabetes Awareness Shirts

I don’t know about the rest of you but i never understood why we don’t see a lot of nice diabetes awareness shirts out there, have you all seen the truly beautiful things that they have out for breast cancer awareness. well i finally found some amazing t-shirts, hats, and a bunch of other things that all reflect diabetes awareness and guess what they are truly quality beautiful items! What a surprise find. Here is the link take alook at the t-shirts, i just ordered 2 of them one says Live, Laugh, Love cure diabetes with 2 intermingled hearts and 1 says the good kind of key tones and its a phone with musical notes really cute. That’s only a couple of the many items this website has. i found the link in there online store under more products. It’s our turn to have things like these beautiful products.

let me know what you think


Thanks for that link! I’m VERY vocal about a cure even though in my trying have been disappointed more than once so you guessed it just from the front page (going back to check the others) I’ve already found 2 things I want the car tad and the garden flag! OK here I go back…One reason I have fought so hard for a cure and used my body many times just for D to come back was my 2 baby girls (now grown) My oldest develpoed Type 1 like I have at 11 ( I got it at 10 ) and the other is fine so far! My late Mother-In-Law was a Type 2 so I was going to be sure NOT to let it hit my kids! Ugh lost that war but we can keep fighting for the cure!

Doris, i totally hear you, it just seems to me that people aren’t as open about diabetes as they are about other worthy causes. There are so many people with diabetes that i can’t believe we are not out there screaming about how much we need a cure. Every store i go to i see beautiful displays of breast cancer awareness items and i love them because i also have a best friend that is a breast cancer survior, but i see nothing for diabetes. That’s why when i found this website i went crazy, the items are beautiful and well done and in reviewing the website i found that they have a message board and they also have something called a caring and sharing weekend where they are sponsoring sending some families to a weekend camp for free. It was so refreshing to truly find a website that had the things i have been looking for and to be so caring about the diabetes community i read the story behind the owners and one of them has 3 children with type 1 diabetes so i truly believe that they are fighting for a better life for us by offering so many different things and the free weekend is just such a nice way to give back to a community. so its hats off to Pump Wear Inc. for doing such a great job of getting diabetes recognized as needing a cure and doing it in such a positive, respectful and beautiful way.


Oh that’s really a great story behind the 3 founders of this company and them actually giving a weekend to those weary familys! And you know if 1 of the 3’s children has Type 1 then thry are really trying hard to help others! I hate to say this since I have 2 frienda and an aunt by marriage who have survived breast cancer but I’m kinda like you on that one. It’s done so beatifuly that it really seems to get money and the survival rate is greatly increasing so let’s do this for diabetes too! Like they say TOGETHER WE CAN FIND A CURE!

That stuff was really cute. I just wish it was alot more affordable!
Christmas will be slim for us… but I’m gonna take some over sized T-shirts and fabric paint to them for my kids:) They’ll make neat nighty shirts! At least I’ve got some new ideas for the kids now:)
Thanks for sharing!

Hey MeadowLark,

I said I WANTED it didn’t say I could buy it right now! HA! Like you our Christmas is looking worse than last year and that’a pretty darn BAD! HA!

i just ordered the look, love and laugh for my sister who loves things that are inspirational. I got the keytones for my niece because she loves to let people know about diabetes in a different way. I’ve scaled back on christmas but know they will adore thee. Got the brother in law a hat since he always says there is nothing out there that lets him tell people that a cure is needed. He’s going to be shocked

i hear you, i’m buying less gifts (only one per family member) but actually put more thought into what i wanted to get them.

Yes i ordered a couple of these myself. I was so excited to finally find a place that has a beautiful display of diabetes awareness items, After a day of shopping for several family members and seeing the prices on the things they want I thought i would much rather get them something that is close to my heart and family so i decided to get them each a shirt. I know the girls will really like that key tone one which is really cute!

I also did something i don’t normally do i created a wish list on their website and set it out to some of my family members with a couple other items i would really like to get (isn’t that terrible ) but like you cash is tight but i would really like to get a couple things this year that i would really like (everyone always saying they don’t know what to get me!) so this year i’am helping them.

I also found on this site some Meter Cases, I’ve never seen a place that has pretty meter cases! I’am loving this new website.

I actually believe that 1 of the owners has 3 children all with type 1 diabetes, and here i was feeling sorry for myself with all that my little one goes through i can not even imagine trying to handle 3 children with type 1. So I truly believe that this website is done from the heart and that “Together We Can Find A Cure” Should be our goal, so lets spread the word that it is our turn to get the word out there. Lets band together and find a cure for diabetes, we live it, now lets spread the word!!!


WOW! 3 kids with Type 1!!! Now that’s hard to get together in your mind! Like you I was feeling sorry for myself with Type 1 Then when my daughter took it I really though my world had ended! I felt soooooo guilty about her getting it and cried so much! But I will bet you that those 3 kids stick together and kinda run the house as far as diet goes! After Amber became a Type 1 me and her RULED the house when it came to food! Now that she moved out had a baby and moved back in with her husband and baby I feel for those 2 and my husband and 17 year old! It also helps that she’s pregnate again. That way we’re assured of a healthy diet! It’s really nice to have an ally in your house (imagine me grinning with an evil smile across my face and that special glint in my eyes) HA!

ok, i did not tell the whole truth, i bought the meter case for my niece also. Hey she has diabetes and it’s cute and fashionable and why not. I remember my aunt was heavy and always wore fat ladies clothese because they weren’t cute and stylish and i always felt bad for her. I feel the same way about diabetes. I want her to be stylin and other people to be loving what she has. So yup, i broke my one gift per person and bought my niece the case. Oh well there is always room to make it a new years resolution AFTER i spoil her.

Lee i know what you mean, the Pump Wear Inc. website has a lot of beautiful things, i didn’t know they had meter cases as well? Now i’ll have to go back and check that out, my daughter would love something pretty to carry her test meter in! thanks keri