Tv shirts

i just got some cool diabetic t-shirts to wear at work and other places to show off. what kind of shirts have many of you bought??

Diabetic t-shirts?!?!?! I’ve never heard of such a thing.


Oh my gosh! I am getting such a kick/pleasure out of those! I want some! Thank you so much for sharing!!

I think most of them are really fantastic. I do take exception to the ones that say “type i diabetes – the real diabetes”…we don’t need that kind of thoughts in our heads or in the heads of the unknowing…diabetes comes in two forms that are numbered 1 and 2…and both are very real.

not one??? that is horrible!!!

they are but one is more serious. plus i think people need to know the difference. and i want to get someone with type 2 to have a discussion with me about it so others can hear and learn.

Oh Wonderful! Another war.

Thanks for sharing that link. I may have to buy a few of those!

not a war. a friendly open debate. a mutual disagreement about diabetes. so that others can learn from it.

I have quite a range of diabetic T-shirts. But then I opened my own diabetic T-Shirt shops shortly after I was diagnosed to try and help raise awareness and to also help raise some money for diabetes charities. I like to make designs that either make people laugh or dispel myths, I refuse to make designs like a lot of them out there which are completely sending out the wrong message, like the ones Cathy mentioned. There's too many out there that say stupid things like "no sugar for me I'm diabetic" etc. Dispelling myths is hard enough already!

If you want to check out my designs please visit:

UK Shop

US & Canada Shop

*Mods - If I'm not allowed to promote my own shops please remove my links.

For each product sold at least 10% is given to Diabetes UK, unless another charity is stated for that product.

Here's a pic of one of my 'complicated' designs which features 150 words related to diabetes.

Any feedback or comments are always welcome :-)

Sorry, you’re new here. :slight_smile: There have been many instances here and on other D-Communities when something negative or positive against or for Type 1’s or Type 2’s, some People get offended and a “word war” breaks out. Human nature and instincts to defend oneself, I guess.

That also goes for Pumpers vs MDIers, low-carbers vs whatever other Diet, etc.