So glad we switched insulins

For the last 6 years my sons have been using Apidra, the last month was a tough one. It seems his insulin resistance was extremely high and it was difficult to lower his glucose levels, at first we thought it was a growth spurt, but nothing seemed to work.

Even with higher doses of insulin, it was a nightmare. Luckily I had some Novolog pens in the fridge and decide to give them a try. He used Novolog from 2006 until 2012, we were pretty much forced by our insurance to change to Apidra.

Since we started using Novolog again his bg’s are sooooo much better. Has anyone experienced something like this?


Never tried Apidra. Humalog and Novolog work pretty much identically for me. Glad you made the switch.

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Years ago, but it happened to me when using Humalog. I needed more and more after only two years pumping…

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I use both Novolog and Apidra with MDI. I like Apidra for being faster onset and shorter tail (good for dealing with highs), but I find it requires a higher I:C (i.e., less “potent” than novolog). I haven’t yet (thankfully) dealt with resistance to either. My experience with Humalog was sort of in between but insurance forced me to Novolog.

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I have tried Apidra, Fiasp, Humalog, and NovoLog in the pump, as well as just for injections

For the pump, NovoLog is my first choice now. Each of the others had some problems, like more rapid site degradation or welts on the infusion site.

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I found the same reaction w humolog and most recently fiasp especially w a cold!! Those 2 mentioned insulin’s left me very high even when not experiencing an illness so my go to Insulin is novolog despite the need for a prior auth for my ins to cover it!! But w all three, a cold in particular leaves my cgm tracing looking like a rollercoaster!! I’m all over the place w/o a good explanation.

if I have a strep throat or a GI virus I’m predomin much higher than usual even when I’m not eating but towards the end of the illness I level out and go back to usual. Bur w a cold virus my bg is variable. W/o explanation I’m up and down, Willy nilly. W the novolog, it less variable and I can deal w it much easier but w the fiasp & humolog, rollercoaster is the norm during a cold virus not matter how I try to anticipate the effects of the virus!! Plus, even as the cold is at the end of its course, my bg takes longer to go back to normal!!

Good luck during this cold season!! Hope the novolog makes it easier to navigate!!

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