Anyone ever had to change insulin

has anyone here ever had to change insulin brands example novolog to humalog becuase of allergic or just insulin not working or working fast enough for them would like to hear from you and how was you after changing insulin

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Before Novolog was available in the US, I was put on a special program to test it out. I had a severe allergy to Humalog, with giant red rashes and blotches showing up almost immediately in each infusion site. I have been on Novolog ever since with no further issues.

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There was a time that I used Novolog for several years in a pump. I slowly started to see redness and swelling at the pump site. This was especially true on the third day. I noticed absorption problems related to this. Some of these pump bumps took a week or two to heal. When I changed to Apidra, the allergic reaction extinguished.

I likely would have a similar reaction to Fiasp in a pump. I’d still like to try it for syringe corrections.

I have used both Humalog and Novolog in my pump for last 10 years or more. Switch based on which is preferred by my insurance company.

Results are about the same for me, with Novolog maybe slightly faster to kick in.

I have not tried apridra or fiasp.

I have uses both Novolog and apridra and they work the same

I moved from bovine neutral to Fiasp with no problems at all.

My list of insulins would be LONG after 55 years. Also, we use Army pharmacies and they don’t always offer the newest options.

Never had any allergic reactions.

I have had to change back and forth due to insurance changes over the years.
Back in the 70’s I was using beef insulin and started developing major skin rashes, so we switched to pork. No more problems. Switching from pork to the “human” insulin was also no problem. Everyone is different which is why it’s so hard when dealing with insurance companies, if you’re one who can’t use their preferred brand.

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I started out on MDI with Novolog and Levimir. A year later my pharmacy coverage will only cover Humalog and Lantus. I had a reaction with the first dose of both. Red welts that grew into burns. They took months to heal plus chewed up prime real-estate. That set off a system wide Lupus reaction. My Endo talked repeated with my pharmacy manager and they wouldn’t budge on switching back to Novolog and Levimir. They’re BEST suggest was for me start taking Benedryl or Prednisone with my injections or switch to the older insulin’s.
Long story short, I buy Novolog out of pocket so an allergic disaster doesn’t do me in before Lupus or D.:woman_facepalming:t3::wink:

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I had to go to a phone conference call with My HMO after they rejected my appeal. I was on the phone with about ten people from the HMO and they didnt have a single thing to say for themselves. They gave me "the floor’ to speak at least three times, so I gave them earfuls about insulin prices, HMO kickbacks, and how some of us were unable to switch. I won, I got the tier lowered, but only for the rest of this year. I dont know what I will do next year if I cannot find another plan with someone else. One of the medical people have on my team, said it’s not like you will overcome the allergy in a year. No, not likely. :frowning:

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I was diagnosed in 1990.

In that time, I’ve been on a variety of insulin types.

  • Regular + NPH injections
  • Lantus pen + Humalog injections (I think?)
  • At least a couple of other regimens that don’t exist anymore.
  • Insulin pumps with Humalog
  • Insulin pumps with Novolog

I’ve had to switch back and forth between those last two a few times, thanks to my insurance deciding at various times to arbitrarily stop covering one in favor of the other. (Sigh.) They, at least, are pretty much identical for me in terms of dosage.

Some of the other changes have not been as easy. I was on a brand of insulin in high school that was being discontinued. My doctor switched me over to the replacement insulin while working at a diabetic children’s camp as a volunteer counselor (he was on the staff as a doctor, so it gave him much more access to me than usual.) That went really badly. The first morning, I woke up low, ended up getting a glucagon shot, and woke up later in the camp infirmary, having lost about 2-3 days worth of memories in the ensuing blackout. That was… NOT fun.

My Endo’s nurse said he actually hurled the desk phone he was so infuriated. They basically said USE WHAT THEY COVER or BUT IT YOURSELF. I’ve learn a bunch of non medical people make these calls. At least with my Pharmacy manager. They really don’t give a flying fig about what’s best for the Diabetic. It’s whats best for their business. (Sigh).
I’m glad yours worked out.

The only person on the conference call who had anything intelligent to say, was an Endo. He got it, and he was very nice about the whole thing. I think he was upset that they denied my initial grievance and made them all go to a special re-hearing of my case. There are numerous articles online about the cost of insulin and the rebates that insurance companies are stealing for themselves.

When I first went on pump they started me on Novolog but I ended up on Humalog due to the Novolog raising my BP and not controlling my BG as well. Not sure all the people involved believed it was the Novolog aggravating my BP but I knew and my Dr. knew so I really didn’t see a problem with the switch.

I’ve had to change back and forth between novolog and humalog due to insurance preferences and just adjust with trial and error as they work differently for me. I had problems with atrophy at sites with beef insulin a long time ago. I remember it was hard to get pork insulin and then human came out.

Lantus - ok at first say 2-3 months then started burning where I inject. Switched to Levemir.
Levemir was ok, worked good but had to split dosage and injected 2x, day and night. ||Duration less than 24 hrs.
Novolog - caused edema on my foot. Severe pain on my foot. Muscle pains.
Humalog, ok.
Apidra, very effective for me, still using it. Onset better than humalog and novolog. And great duration, 2 hours. No tail.
Fiasp, similar to Novolog, with added ingredients to improve onset, faster. Same side effect as Novolog for me. Edema on the feet with pain, similar to gout attack pain. Also muscle pains in the neck area. Pain-in-the-neck, pun intended. LOL.
Tresiba and Toujeo, to be tried in the future.
Afrezza, to be tried in the future.

Not the exact question, but similar. Also, I’m type 2:

My endocrinologist just suggested I change from Lantus to Toujeo, for the convenience of a lower volume. Not the slightest problem.