So heart warming

I have recently set out on a quest to encourage people to get tested but it has been very overwhelming. I started last year when I voluntered with the American Diabetes Associations Step Out to Fight Diabetes and Hoops and Sneakers Gala events. In November I also made diabetes awareness ribbons and distributed them to the local television and radio stations in my area. And then I felt like “Now what?” LOL! This year I’m doing it all again but I also wanted to reach out past Kansas City to see what has worked for people in other city’s as far as getting people tested, talking and informed about diabetes. So fo course I googled diabetes blogs (since they are all rage right now) and came across some really awesome sites (including the one I’m on right now). The response I have received from the people I have meet has been so heart warming. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. Which inspires me to keep going and not to give up. Along with friends and family support and the new friends that I have found I’m diving in head first (as usual). Wish me luck and blessings!


Thanks for all the work that you are doing to raise awareness about diabetes! Wishing many blessings on your work!! Keep us posted!


Hello! if I was in MO right now I would love to help. My MOM works for Samuel Rodgers Community Health Center in KC, MO and she has a radio show that airs on 1590 fm. if you want I can give you her information and you can try to possibly be on a segment about diabetes…

Thanks Ya’ll!